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I’ve been beating this drum for a couple of weeks and then suddenly

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...amazing, I'm astounded this whole league survived before you came along

I say there should be a full disclosure of player (and management's) salaries... c'mon Cohon, lets see what they all earn... I will hear the old arguments..but the bottom line is they are public figures... if we know what the politicians, hockey players and others make, it should be the same for this league...

Agreed 100%. Also publicize the neg list is a must. Not sure why the CFL likes to be so secretive on some issues. Don't they know more fan interaction is good for business?

Sure, if it turns someone on about player salaries in pro sports, fine. Personally I could care less, I watch the games of whatever league because I enjoy it. I don't care if this player is making this much and that player that much, to me it then it turns into some accounting course and that's not why I watch or follow sports. But that's just me. I don't care about that stuff.

And these are not civil servants, there is no requirement at all for a pro league to have to publish this information other than for the journalists and fans who want it, I would say. That's one thing that bugs me about pro sports, it seems a lot about image. Companies don't have to disclose this information except maybe to share holders in a public held company perhaps?

With over 39 million in revenue, the days of the Riders caring about 500,000 are long gone. Why the writter would even mention that is bizzar. Good coaches, attract good players, that may have not thought about the CFL as a option for them. The player coach relationship is one of the major reason why certain players even make teams in the first place and can not be under estimated

When it comes to players' salaries, I think they keep the terms and dollar figures under wraps because, compared to other major sports, the salaries are very small.

And to be honest, I don't need to know what the players make, and frankly I don't think it is anyone's business. Contract length is something that could be published so fans know which players are pending free agents, but knowing how much they make shouldn't matter. You don't ask a complete stranger on the street what they make and this is no different.

If someone asks me what I make, I will tell them... I don't care who knows... but where I work your wage is supposed to be "confidential"... meaning, don't get someone else riled up if you make more than they do... but for a wage that is between $12 to $15/hr... its not worth it to keep it a secret... and if I don't want a particular person to know what I make, I will say "not enough"...

I do think that CFLers on average are underpaid, but I also think it is BS that people feel they have the right to know their salary. Are your taxes paying for it? If the government bails out the CFL fine...partnerships, no. If someone asks me what I make I generally say something along the line of enough to pay my bills...because it is none of their business, and I know I make more than a lot of my piers, so why rock the boat.

Now all that being said, I am not sure I feel the same for "publicly owned" teams. I do believe that their books should be open. That makes it all interesting...that would be an unfair advantage for privately held clubs.

Average CFL salary is close to 100 grand a year if you do the math.
QB's make much more then that.
Starters make more then that.
Backups make less.

This is why the next TV deal will be huge for this league.
IF the league can double or triple what it gets now, you will see the salary cap go up from the 4.2 million it is now
to maybe 6 or 8 million.
Then you will see alot of this talent we've lost to the NFL staying because they can make money up here.
The ball is in Cohon's court.

Exactly! Players would think twice about leaving a CFL team for a chance to be a tackling dummy at an NFL camp with no guarantee of getting their old job back in Canada when they inevitably get cut. This would be most evident at the leagues' most important position; QB. I don't see any QB's leaving the CFL if their salary was let's say $700,000 unless they had a real commitment (i.e. large sum of up front guaranteed money and a legit chance to start or at worst be a #2 guy) from an NFL team. Right now, it's just too easy to jump ship. This speaks nothing to the effect that higher salaries would have in regards to the perception of the league (and its players) with potential new fans.

They don't release salaries because it would make it a negotiating nightmare for the teams, it would cause envy and jealousy between teammates and every time one player got an increase then all the other players would demand one.