Bears release Chris Williams, Marcus Thigpen also cut

According to Drew Edwards of the Spec two former excellent kick returners in the CFL Chris Williams and Marcus Thigpen have both been cut by their NFL teams. Didn’t see that coming with Williams.

After the Dressler offers it will be interesting to see what Chris Williams is worth. Should he decide to come back to the CFL down the stretch. I'm sure some team will be willing to trade for his services and pay him well.

Given our pathetic situation at WR (Johnson, Deslauriers, etc.), I'd love to see Popp make a strong pitch for Chris Williams.

I think Hamilton will do all it can to trade him to a Western Division team. Being in a playoff fight with MTL or Ottawa I can't see them trading him to either of those teams.

TBH, I half hope the CFL snubs Williams and the GMs get together and make a silent agreement not to bring him back.

I understand but that will never happen. CFL right now needs these type of players. Even if he decided that he no longer wants to play in Hamilton ( who knows for sure ?) Williams is free to sign a contract with any team for the 2015 season and beyond which is what I think will likely happen. Signing bonus will make Williams more money than playing the remainder of the season for 30k and the team that signs him will be able to put some of that money on this year's books. As for the 2014 season well he could sit or the team that signs him could try and negotiate something with Hamilton, depending on which team, it could work out for everyone.

Would Williams want back with the TiCats who were miserly with him with respect to salary. The fact of his free agency in 2015, opens up the possibility of him awaiting a big contract with a team such as the Als who will be losing Duron Carter that season.

how were the Cats "miserly with him with respect to salary"?

Williams turned down a long term contract offer from the Cats making him the highest paid non-QB in the entire CFL.

I thought it was 180k per season?
It was definitely a good offer by CFL terms though.
Not many players I like to see fail, but this one makes me smile a little.

Hew walked out on a valid contract. Like to many players these days he had a good season and felt slighted because the Cats wouldn't open the vaults for him. I hope the entire league turns their back on him. Career over. I hear McDonald's is hiring. Go back to Texas and don't let the border hit you in the butt on the way out of the country. And take Khalif Mitchell with you.

I am just guessing but i suspect his hamstring injury had a lot to do with his release. So his status of being able to play is still unclear for a CFL or NFL team to get him off waivers. He could be one of the former CFL players that will still wait on other NFL options.
Montreal's Import receiver and returner are not in terrible shape. Carter is healthy and Richardson, London, Stafford, and Johnson needed a QB to get them the ball and they may have one now. At return spot James Rogers got off to a great start and wants to be in Montreal and the CFL after two season's on Falcons PR. A healthy Sutton also gives a kick off returner option.
Thigpen may have gotten his 3 years of NFL in and could return before Williams would.

Richardson ??? :roll:

As much as I hope Hamilton signs Thigpen, Banks and Mossis have been fairly solid so I don't know if they'd be in the market for him.

As far as Chris Williams, the Ti-Cats I believe still own his rights. As a Hamilton fan, I don't want to see him on this team, I don't care how good he is or was. I'd like to see those rights traded for a receiver or high end draft picks in hand.

Don't be so sure he doesn't end up back in Hamilton. Austin says he is open to having him back. in at 2:57 of the video

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He can't run anymore due to injuries, so he changed his name + color of his skin and is now the QB. :smiley:

woops Greene.

But they did open the vaults with their offer, at least in CFL terms, which would have made him the highest paid non-QB in the league (as mentioned by tangledweb). I don't think he felt slighted. He just realized that he had a very short window of opportunity to make an attempt at earning a much bigger pay cheque, so did whatever he could to get out of his existing contract.

Looking back, he ended up making as much in salary and bonuses not playing last year as he would have made in two years had he accepted the Ticats offer.

Not as an RB but as a receiver out of the slot- dynamite.

The ticats are not in the position to pass on Chris Williams at 1-6.
I would hope they land CW as he is the kind of player Collaros can lean on.
CW should get whatever Dressler got from the riders ( $200K? )
These are both players I'd like to see back in the CFL soon. Might help make these games more watchable.

So he’s not a greedy bastard, he’s a dishonest, disloyal idiot to whom your word or even say a signed legal document are not things he should honour.

Yeah, that’s just the kind of “team” player I want in my offensive huddle. :roll: