Bear Woods

Starting to wonder if Bear Woods is ever going to suit up again for the Argos. If he’s not ready to play by now I’m starting to think he was brought in as an unofficial LB Coach. With Fogg injured and Woodson taking over that DB spot it would have been a good chance to dress Woods for some playing time in the middle.
Maybe Bear is being looked at as a LBing Coach for next season.

still wondering why argos special teams coach wasnt let go ?
never mind the very poor play callinf of chappy
and cc hasnt proven himself to be head coach material
if bear woods becomes lb coach that would be a good thing [in my best martha stewart voice]

It’s difficult to release coaches under the coaches salary cap that Ambrosie implemented. I think Eiben has done a good job with the linebackers this year.

i think awe is a big reason lb are better this yr
the man is a beast
i always viewed firing as a way to show employees that poor performance / attitude will NOT be tolerated

the team is far more important than any 1 individual
and by not firing it sends a message thruout the org that bad bahaviour will be tolerated if not rewarded - this sends a very bad message thru the org
players see a bad coach is not relieved then they learn they dont need to try as hard to stay w/ the team

rainey has been brilliant as receiver walker

and bear woods has a ggggggrrrrrrreeaatt game !!!

Wouldn’t be surprised if LB Bear Woods will be one of three new “Nationals” named to start in the middle again. Herdman-Reed and Kwemo showed they could be capable backups there. Ian Wild would qualify as a National as well if needed.
Receivers Green, Edwards and Walker would qualify but need to be signed. As would RB/PR Rainey and OL Randy Richards.
How these three new National positions will be filled is still a little vague to me. Will three be chosen as permanent ones or will it change game to game depending on injures or other factors?