Bear Woods

Do you think Hamilton will go after him? I have no idea myself, but I would think no.

ummm what have you heard? Why would they?

You mean, like, with a baseball bat? Or maybe bear spray.

Such kidders. In case you haven't read it, Montreal cut him.

Old thread.......

Fixed it for you...

I'm confused. Are you saying Toronto has released Woods? Or have you misread the timing of the original report out of Montreal?

The Argo roster still lists Woods, so I presume he is still on the active as opposed to inactive roster, nor released.

Montreal cut Woods in training camp. He's been with Argos all season & is still there.

Maybe he's getting confused with Bear Gylis, some news that his new season just started........... ???

Or maybe a simple google search:

not sure "training camp" came from.