Bear Woods to the Argo's? Note to Popp

Ok Jim Popp, I have no issues if you want to bring Bear Woods to the Argonauts.


Can you "pull a Lou" , and make him cut his hair? PLEASE. That mop looks like a nest of dead caterpillars.


TRUE, but that should apply to every other CFL player that has his numbers covered by hair.

I am hoping it is a trend and will go away.

It makes the sport look second class. Along with play-off hockey beards. :thdn:

BTW, you are aware that it is legal to grab hair to tackle right ? :thup:

It is NOT a horse collar tackle.

I would grab Bear asap, before someone else scoops him.

Clever very clever. :thup: :thup: :lol: :lol:

ROFLMAO. You guys are going to make me piss myself. What’s next? Manscaping policy ?
Do you have any idea how long it took for Woods to grow that hair ? I want one of you guys to go tell him to cut his hair and get a video of it please. :lol:

The narrow mindedness reminds me of the old saying "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche"....... my response? Real men don't tell other men what to eat.

Complaining about how another guy wears his hair? New low.

Word is Woods came into town yesterday and his signing may be announced as early as today.

With Venables retiring they need Woods.

Woods serait certainement un apport majeur... s'il demeure en santé. Il n'a jamais pu le faire 2 saisons de suite.

Mais c'est un gars tenace qui n'abandonne jamais. Il n'a qu'un objectif en tête: gagner l'essai qui vient.