Bear Woods released

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Sherbrooke – The Montreal Alouettes announced on Monday that the club has released international linebacker Bear Woods.

Woods (6’0?, 245 lbs.) played seven seasons for the Alouettes, as he made his debut with the team in the 2011 Eastern Semi-Final, where he made five tackles. In 40-career games with Montreal, the 30-year-old amassed 232 defensive tackles, including 15 sacks, while intercepting three passes. He was voted the East Division Most Outstanding Defensive Player twice in his career (2014 and 2016).

“We would like to thank Bear for everything that he has done for this team. Everyday, he came to work with energy, passion and dedication,? declared Alouettes General Manager Kavis Reed. “We feel at his point and time that we have different options on our defence that will allow that unit to keep performing at a high level.?

Wow, didn't see that one coming.

Wow. WTH....

Can someone help me understand the point of keeping a veteran player through the off season then deciding to release him the day TC starts?
Did Reed and Chaps not know before this that Woods was not going to be in their plans?
I hope there is more to this story like the Klassen release.

Only guy on defence that was involved in every play ridiculous. But you wanna give Cox a contract extension whom has slowed down majorly the last couple of years.

Wow, Jim doesn't even have to work.
Talk about sticking a crowbar up a guy's a...

well...thats odd.
looks a bit like Reed is absolutely wanting very few of Popps guys around.
Thorpe must've been involved with this no? or injury.?
CFL ..Is not prone to longevity that's for sure. From Def POY in East...then a good/great year...then cut.

WTF is right. Hope Kavis and Jacques know what they`re doing. They have a very small margin for error with a dwindling and fragile fan base.

Bear Woods ran by me with a big smile on his face as I was leaving practice yesterday. Maybe he already knew he was leaving. :smiley:

I'm surprised Noel Thorpe wants to be part of this.

Anwar Stewart?

So your only leader is Cut @TheBEAR45, Cox takes pay cut, @7Bowman will be close behind, Yep I said it. Let the BS begin, Go Al's. Freedom!

Wow. Any word yet in Montreal to what's behind this move?

Any speculation as to where he'll end up?

Would not be surprised if he ends up with your Blue and White.

I think I'll also take a bet on the "Bear" most likely ending up on yer Avatar there PTBO !!!

Popp , Trestman , SJ , Venables , Cash , Whitaker......might as well sign the Bear as well and just start calling them the Toronto Alouettes . :cowboy:

If it is not cap related then why not try to trade him??

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account @TSNScianitti 24m24 minutes ago
Hearing from #CFL sources Bear Woods was set to make 170K this season. #Als apparently already paid 20K of that amount

Farhan Lalji?Verified account
Kavis Reed tells me #Als had enough cap room for Woods' salary & never asked him to renegotiate. Decision was football based

Something smells .... and it is not roses.

Oui oui, s'il vous plait!

As long as there's not some serious injury we don't know about or something like that.

Memo to Anthony Sarao:

Well Anthony, welcome to Montreal, I hope you do well in camp and win the MLB position.

But a little bit of friendly advice. Don`t get too good over the next couple of years, and certainly do not win the Eastern Most Outstanding Defensive Player award. Because then you will deserve a salary commensurate with your value. And that will certainly lead to your being cut by the Als.

Dont say I didnt warn you.

When I read Sarao's scouting reports during the offf season, the main knock on him was that he can't cover sideline to sideline and has trouble in coverage...

Mike Hogan? @tsnmikehogan 14m14 minutes ago
Jim Popp confirms that he has already inquired about the possibility of Bear Woods coming to Toronto. Waiting for further talks. #Argos #CFL

Joey Alfieri?
Joey Alfieri Retweeted Didier Orméjuste
Very honest from Chapdelaine, but man openly throwing the GM under the bus here

Didier Orméjuste?
Jacques Chapdelaine aurait aimé voir plus de respect envers Bear Woods #AlsMTL @LCFca

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Didier Orméjuste? @DidierRDS 39m39 minutes ago
Bear Woods a appris à 5h30 du matin qu'il était libéré. / Bear Woods was told he was getting released at 5:30 this morning. #AlsMTL

Joey Alfieri? @joeyalfieri 8m8 minutes ago
1-Chapdelaine (in french): "I had a discussion with Kavis and we had a good, honest conversation. We both agreed that this decision...

Joey Alfieri? @joeyalfieri 7m7 minutes ago
2-Chapdelaine: "...should have been made before training camp. Unfortunately, things weren't done that way...

Joey Alfieri? @joeyalfieri 7m7 minutes ago
3-Chapdelaine: "...I accept the decision, because in the end, business decisions are made by Kavis.

Joey Alfieri? @joeyalfieri
4-Chapdelaine: "...Do I agree with the way it was done? I'd like for us to do it in a different way next time, out of respect for player."

Good, when you treat players like that, especially a guy who really loved playing in Montreal. You should be thrown under the bus.

Also not too sure what Kavis is doing in his workout shorts, clipboard and whistle in the middle of the field yesterday. see RDS video.

Some weird shiat going on here.