Bear Woods Out Indefinitely

MTL linebacker, and failed psychic, Bear Woods could miss entire season with torn pec. So says MTL Gazette.

Yes, but what did the bear do in the woods? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

His middle name is "Shitzintha"! I couldn't resist!

Oh that’s such a shame, and with us playing them in Montreal in two weeks too… :slight_smile:

Failed and injured, but will that stop him from making a prediction on the game.

Or, perhaps, he learned his lesson from their last two encounters of last season???

Shall we hold our collective breaths waiting???

Big loss for the Als

I for one am not so sure about that. If the Als have any depth at that position, you might see bear lose his starting spot.

Bear = Zeke Morano 2.0

Montreal medical marijuana sales will hit an all-time high now.


Appears he's quite a singer too

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At this point, we're kind of used to him being out of the lineup. He hasn't been able to stay healthy in four seasons here. Even last year, he missed the first 6 games of the season due to injury. It will be a loss, but we will adjust (though the team has not yet confirmed that he will miss the whole season). We've got good quality LB depth. I am not terribly worried right now.

Other than his hair.....does anybody really notice this guy?

Uh, he was the East Division’s most outstanding defensive player last year despite only playing in 12 games. :lol:

Yep, he must of got all of his tackles against the Redblacks because he was invisible every time I saw him play.

Did he get a tackle against the REDBLACKS in the first game? He must have been invisible when Smilin Hank took the ball at the 3 minute warning and ate up the game clock to secure that win.

Wow, that's classy. Disparage a player because he doesn't play for your team. The guy racked up 89 tackles, 7 sacks, and 1 interception in just 12 games in 2014, on the way to being voted the best defensive player in the east, and you didn't notice him at all? Perhaps that says more about your ability to follow a game of pro football than it does about Woods.

He made no difference last year when it really counted, and that's all you need to know about Bear Woods.

Hmmm, trying to stifle criticism and discussion by attacking the poster is just as classy.

As to the stats you have provided, yep that’s what he did. No one can deny that. It doesn’t mean he’s that great of a player. If 85 of his 89 tackles are 9 yards into the defence are those good tackles? If every offence runs plays at Bear because they consider him the weak spot, he’s sure going to get those tackles you have referred to. Also, he was one part of a rather good defence last year. One could argue (and I would be one who would) that the system allowed Bear to have some stats. As an example of how that can work, I refer you to the case of Calvin Tiggle who was a good LB that was turned into a great LB (stats wise) by a Don Sutherin defencive scheme that purposely funneled the plays into the middle of the D. Tiggle went from middle of the pack career wise in tackles to leader for I believe 2 consecutive years. Did he suddenly become great overnight? I would suggest not. He was the same player he always was but got more tackles because of the scheme.

In my opinion he (Bear) is not near as good as you (and others) think he is. As other posters have noted, the guy was invisible late last season and so far this season. Great players step up in important games, not disappear.

His dirty play. Perfect fit for that defense.

Let's call this like it really is.......Bear Woods is a one hit,one year wonder. This guy has been on the IL way more than the regular 46 for his time in Montreal. He has only had one good season,where he still missed a 3rd of that season which was last season.
He missed the entire 2012 season due to an injury in T.Camp, only dressed for 8 games in the 2013 season and is now apparently finished for this season after game #2. So let's do the math shall we on Mr. Bear.....been with the Als since the East Semi-Final in 2011, missed entire 2012 season due to injury(18 gms),played 8 games in 2013(10 gms IL),played 12 games in 2014(6 gms IL) and has played 2 gms this season (16 gms IL). Add it all up and you get a player that in 4 yrs with the organization has missed a total of 50 games on the IL as opposed to dressing for only 22 games in that same time span.
I would hardly call this guy a Superstar because he happened to actually stay healthy for 12 games in a row last season for the first time in his career and strung together enough stats to warrant winning the East Defensive Player Award. In my books when you weigh that against all the games the guy has missed in his career he is an obvious as I stated above a one hit wonder who is more of a liability than an asset to his team. :cowboy: