Bear Woods is an Argonaut


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No word yet on term or $$$ but Popp mentioned at the Town Hall meeting a few weeks ago that they had cap space by not being busy with FAs earlier.

So this makes sense on many levels at a glance.

Great signing by the Argos, now if we only had a decent QB?

@DTonSC: Ricky Ray of the @TorontoArgos was the only QB without an INT from numbers to the boundary on both sides. 138.6 is…

Threw 3 passes, one was so bad and hit the ground at 5 yards, my grandma would have more zip on the ball.

Ricky Ray is well beyond decent. Your assertion was that we don't have any decent quarterbacks.

But don't let me derail your agenda that you've been pushing for Years.

To the boundary? but he has a much higher rate of INTs over the middle where more passes are thrown.
Besides, percentages are a little meaningless if you only play in 9 games over 2 seasons and you compare to QBs playing in 36 games over 2 seasons.
Wasn’t he also the most sacked QB and the lowest rushing QB?
Trevor Harris threw 33 TD passes for the Argos over 17 games in 2015 but they decided to keep Ray, who ended up injured again and only started 9 games in 2016. :thdn:

So you don't think that Ray is "decent"?

Collaros has had serious injuries every single season in Hamilton so by your logic I guess he isn't "decent" either?

He brings huge intensity with enough skill level, a definite asset for the Double Blue.

There is no agenda here.
Other than 2012 and portions of 13, Ray has gone downhill, like hitting a wall.
Dink and dunks mostly and despite the high completion which is very misleading for the low yardage totals.
Letting Zack go and then Trevor by Barker and Milo has set this franchise back years at the most important position on the filed.
If the team was smart, they would attempt a blockbuster trade now for James Franklin before he goes FA at year end.

More numbers on Ray:

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Man Ricky Ray is washed up!

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