Be Warned: Printers Might Be Rusty

I'm just as excited as the next guy to watch Printers tonight. However, I am cautiously optimistic. I know that there is only so much one player can do. Without Lumsden and Armstead, the task at hand is even more difficult. The other aspect to consider is that Printers doesn't play defense and if WPG plays offense anything like they did last week then this could easily be a blow out. Folks, I am saying this now because I don't want to come back to this forum tonight and see threads on how "Printers made no difference" or "Good job paying that guy so much money" or "Get Printers out of town". Please, realize that tonight will probably not be a complete turnaround from what we've been seeing so far this year.

My hope for tonight is to see a QB that shows the impossible is possible. If he even has one play where I stand up and say "WOW, that was awesome", then I'll be satisfied.

Enjoy the begining of new era, but remember, it's just the beggining, we still have a long ways to go.

Do you think? Let's be sure we have our list of excuses ready for this time tomorrow.

Amen !!

Anyone who expects Printers to perform like an allstar after being with the team for a week does not know football. Taaffe should go with Richie instead.


The Ticats Have alot Money Tied up into Casey.
They are hoping to get some money back with Printer Jerserys and 5 Game packs.

If they don't start that won't happen.
Plus it better he get reps now for next season.

Dude...........Printers is our Stud!!!!! he is the highest paid player in the CFL!!!
He wants to play.....REAL bad!!!!!!!!!
I want to see Casey play, rusty or not......
If Taaffe stars Williams, than anyone who knows football will be saying WTF!!!!!!

Enjoy the game !!! I will....gonna be a cool night, dress warm...... man I love this time of year!!!!!


wlanders, Casey might be rusty, but that won't make any difference
to the well-oiled 5th Quarter 'gloom and doom' crowd if he falters.

Lol, well I just think Williams gives us the best chance to win this game. Printers doesn't know the playbook and his teammates. They would have been better off scripting 15 plays for him to run and give him a series or 2, but I guess we'll see and if we lose I'll at least get a good laugh out of all the people who will be coming on here ready to chase Casey out of town.

Printers is on a longggggggggggggg hook. No sweat to me.

Oski Wee Wee,

seems to me, printers doesnt look rusty, but the ticat o-line and receivers look minor league.

It's not Printers to be worried about it's the play of the remaining team, They Stink!! Brock Rlph (Hands of Stone), Jo,Jo, Walker (Mr. Fumble), Baumen, (I will catch it when I feel like it), Nate Curry (Oh, was that ball intended for me), The O Line, (Lets let the defenders through), Anthony Davis ( was I supposed to run and hold onto the ball)What a joke, this team is, the only bright spot maybe Casey Printers and the fact that Charlie Taafe finally figured out how to throw the flag for a play challenge, well I guess it's all up hill from here folks, see ya!!!

i can see the kitty cats going out and getting some O line help in the near future to protect their highest paid player.

Hey guy's I couldn't be at the game tonight thank God!!! My bro took my tickets. I've been listning to Danny Mac on TSN. Aparently Printers said something to the team about him being the turn around guy and everyone having to listen to him. Does anyone know what exactly was said. Just wondering if he pissed the o-line off and we have a "Longest Yard" moment of payback.

Tough. This is the CFL, and half a million dollars had BETTER buy at least one touchdown.

Without checking the stats, who was Casey's go-to-guy tonight? Where was the running game? Anthony Davis. vs. Gavin Walls: discuss.

To expect that crew to score a TD after seeing a half of self-destruction is laughable.

Did Casey put his foot in his mouth? You tell me. A slice of humble pie won't hurt him. Even with Armstead and Lumsden coming back soon, it's going to be uphill.

Russ, you should know that I respect you and your point of view, even at the old

BUT... Printers is the highest paid player in the CFL. I would have been happy with a loss, but to lose 34-4? One field goal and a single? We could have saved one hundred fifty thousand dollars Canadian by keeping Maas.

OMG... I can't believe I said that.

Nostalgia can be a sick wee beastie. :wink:

You got that right....

How did Maas move the ball with this team?????