Be there in November!

Greetings all;
longtime CFL fan here from Ohio USA, by way of N.Y. State where I was born and raised. Still getting used to this site, but am learning my way around, and I DO like the feature of having seperate message boards for each team.
LOVE the Alouettes! and would love to actually see them play in person one day. Hoping to make that happen this year when myself and some old friends head to Montreal this November to celebrate our twentieth anniversary of our first trip there back in 1985 when we drove up on a whim to see a hockey game.
We fell in love with the city and people and trekked there the same weekend every year for eight years straight.
This coming November, we rekindle the spirit of years gone by, in (in my opinion) the greatest city I’ve ever been to and hope to be able to party like we did twenty years ago.
Maybe if we’re lucky we could meet up with some of the people in this site and talk CFL ,which to me is the best league barr none! Maybe have a Molson xxx or some LeBatt, and just have a damn good time!!

Hey geo365:

CFL fan from Florida here.

I was in Montreal two years ago for my first ever visit. I got to see Molson Stadium…from the outside. LOL I was there in May (too early for football); the stadium was being remodeled with the addition of box seats and new turf. I plan to go to Montreal one day to watch the Als play; until then, I have to settle for the few games I can catch on tv.

Molson Export is the brand of choice at the pubs. I liked Hi Dry (pretty good stuff).

Wow cool guys, when you get in town, give us a post on i will hook you up with tix in the W you will enjoy, Molson is not big, but man the location is just incredible :slight_smile:

bring your touque and mits.

Would only be required if you come to this game

October 16th vs C.-B. Lions - 1PM @ Molson

Last year was a freezer…rained all game long (light rain) and temperature were pretty low with a good wing…

Yeah baby Football temperature !

My friends and I will be arriving in Montreal sometime Friday afternoon November 18th…Partying all weekend…and leaving sometime on Sunday. I’m trying to talk all of them into taking Monday off from their jobs in case the Al’s have a playoff home game that sunday. But we’ll see, majority wil rule on this one.