Be thankful for the loss.

I (and quite a few of the fans I talk to in my day to day life) were getting quite concerned that the Stamps were peaking at the wrong time. That they would keep rolling over teams with ease, until their heads got too big and they wound up giving away the most important game of the year... like last year.

But instead they've been brought back down to earth by a team that they probably thought they owned, deep down, which hopefully will make them realize they can be beat at any time if they don't bring 100% effort and take nothing for granted.

All champions overcome adversity.. teams that streak through the regular season with ease rarely win it all (just ask Dave Dickenson, Anthony Calvillo... or Peyton Manning). Here's to a more resilient, determined team.. and the Grey Cup coming to Calgary in '06.

.....definately a lesson would seem the boys went into this game with expectations of dominance, and when a completely different EE team showed up they were not ready.....some good adjustments at halftime helped, but the EEs just wanted it more....frankly, they needed it more and good for them for playing with heart.....I agree with you, a good pail of cold water in the face now will help ground the Stamps......make them realize they need to bring 100% effort every time.....