Be sure to catch the Edmonton game on Monday!

Be sure to catch the game on TSN guys, Monday afternoon. It is a crucial game for Edmonton and also for the Lions. Check your local listings for time. Edmonton is playing the lowly Saskatchewan Rough Riders. I do not know what has happened to the Rough Riders but they have been outscored 82-8 by the opposition in their last two games. I'm sure Edmonton cannot wait to drive another nail into the coffin.

Edmonton desperately wants to win to stay in the running for 1st place. A win on Monday and mathematically Calgary, B.C. and Edmonton will all be tied at 16 points but the Lions technically remain in 1st place because they have won their series against each of these teams. Man that sounds great: THE LIONS ARE IN 1ST PLACE! Let's hope we'll be saying that on the last day of regular season play.

If Edmonton wins on Thanksgiving it will really set the stage for major excitement next week. The good news is that the Lions meet Saskatchewan again. I'm not suggesting that it is a given that the Lions will beat Saskatchewan. We all know what can happen in the CFL but you've got to like B.C.'s chances. More good news is that Edmonton meets up with Buck Pierce and his red hot Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Bombers have their sights on taking 1st place because they can lose it to Montreal or even Hamilton. The Bombers will be ready for Ricky Ray and the Eskies.

The bad news is that Calgary will be playing Toronto! We know that Toronto is having its problems so this game will likely go Calgary's way.

I'm not sure whether or not the Lions have a better chance of knocking off Saskatchewan or Calgary has a better chance of knocking off Toronto. No matter. Just one or two wins and the Lions are in the playoffs. This time it will not be through the back door.

Guys, the Lions game at B.C. Place last evening was epic! I don't know how many Calgary fans were in the stadium but I figure 30 000 Lions fans were ecstatic when they left the stadium. When McCallum hit that 53 yarder everyone was high fiving each other. Strangers were shaking hands, everyone was so happy. The atmosphere was electrifying. The only unfortunate Lions fans were those who for whatever reason left with about 2 minutes left on the clock.

As my wife and I were watching the game I commented that I'd wished I'd recorded it at home so I could watch some of the action again; Arland Bruce when he took that smash mouth hit and was unable to hold onto the ball. The Calgary player who went airborne and did a 360 cartwheel in mid-air almost landing on his feet! The Lions recovery after Burris fumbled on the opening play. My wife smiled and told me she DID record the game! I must have watched McCallum's 53 yard game winning field goal with no time left on the clock maybe 10 times. Man this is what football is all about! I'm not sure how it can get any better than this but I know the CFL organization will find a way. You just have to love the CFL and what is coming down the road when Ottawa gets its franchise and the CFL possibly moves into the Maritimes. That will be HUGE!

Enjoy the Edmonton/Saskatchewan game on Thanksgiving and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. :thup:

With an Edmonton win tomorrow; will clinch a playoff berth for Edmonton along with B.C. and Calgary as each team has won the season series over the Roughriders. If I’m wrong someone will correct me. Cheers

You're right @oldclarke. Good observation. In fact Edmonton will be doing the Lions a huge favor by winning tomorrow.

Interestingly, Saskatchewan still would not be eliminated. They could qualify for the cross over if they won their remaining games and Hamilton lost theirs. I cannot see that happening.

Thanks for pointing that out. :thup: I can't wait to see that big X beside B.C. Lions. Seeing a Y would be beautiful!

Good news for LIons fans and course for Eskies fans. Dinwiddie, back up to Durant, will be starting as QB in tomorrow’s game. This is going to be interesting as I think it improves consderably, Edmonton’s chances of beating Saskatchewan. Edmonton must be salivating right about now. lol

Good OP beagle.

Although the Roughies have been as brutal to watch this year as Toronto is every year.