Be proud of 34 years fellow eskimo fans!

The Eskimos have nothing to be ashamed of. Although they still have a shot at a playoff spot, the possibility of it glimmers game to game now(but I still believe). 34 years in a row in the playoffs is something that we should all be proud of. We all knew it would eventually end, and its unfortunate that this may be the year. Other fans picking apart, and making fun of the eskimos are only jealous of the success of this franchise.

So the Esks 34 year playoff streak may be coming to an end, but how did the other franchises fair?


Edmonton: 34-0
Hamilton: 26-8
Winnipeg: 26-8
B.C. 25-9
Montreal: 24-10
Toronto: 20-14
Calgary: 18-16
Ottawa: 18-16
Saskatchewan: 15-19 doubt an admirable feat and unheralded in today's sports world....I could be wrong but the closest thing to what the EEs have in terms of a playoff run is I think the Atlanta Braves who will miss the post season this year for the first time in like 14 or 15 years......34 is unbelievable....esk123 is right, be proud......

Not sure if you are refering to ongoing or not. The record that the Eskimos broke was held by the Boston Bruins who I believe made the play-offs 28 straight years.

P.S. Don't count the Eskimos out yet, they still control their own destiny. Because they play Saskatchewan twice, if they win both and the rest of the year is a saw-off, the Eskimos will advance because they would have won the seasons series. The Riders also have a harder schedule down the stretch, IMHO.

....the Braves record was just an example, just came to mind....Boston's is pretty amazing as well......

If we can win those 2 vs. Saskatchewan, I think we can still do it.

Yeah, I wont write you guys off yet. Too many amzing comebacks DURING those 34 years.

No matter what happens, 34 consecutive years is an amazing streak. Something to be proud of!

Sorry guys but when 75% of the teams make the playoffs.....It aint that big a deal

i think it is a big deal. i mean... there are at least 7.5(if ottawa is included) teams that have only dreamed of making the playoffs 34 years in a row. and it is not just making the playoffs... they have won a lot of cups in those years as well. looking at that list though i almost feel bad for rider fans. almost but not quite yet.