I apologize in advance if this has already been said or if it goes without saying but I would just like to provide a friendly reminder for those pumped up and eager to show their support for the boys this afternoon against montreal.

Be as loud as hell...but NOT WHEN THE OFFENCE IS ON THE FIELD!!! LOL

This is the first year I can remember where they've actually reminded the crowd once in a while to be quiet for the offense but still some insist on being loud when the offense has the ball. Cheer when I big play is made obviously but communication is needed for the offense to work in sync and be show your support by making it so quiet you can hear a pin drop!

For the D though? Be so loud their eardrums bleed!

Hopefully the guy who plays the music will also be quiet while Hamilton has the ball. Would be a great day to have no music between plays, let the crowd make the noise.

WELL DONE fans who were at the game! It WAS loud on TV in all the right places and you could tell that the tweety birds were having trouble at times getting their plays. The THF 13th man was alive and well today :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
and making Higgins eat his smug words - "They haven't played us yet." Way to show him!