I don’t know about anyone else on this forum but I’m getting pretty sick and tired about all the Als trash talking. They don’t deserve to trash talk us, as I can remember we beat their ASS in the final game of the season to get first place. To me I think they are trash talking because I think they are scared of us and trying to get our guys heads out of the game. I’m proud of the fact that our players have remained professional and have gone about their business preparing for the Eastern Final. In saying that…

I’m calling on 24,000 of my closest friends who are going to be at Tim Horton’s field on Sunday to BE LOUD and BE PROUD. These Als need to be taught a lesson! Please I am begging each one of you that when their offence touches the field, you yell, scream, blow your horn whatever it takes to make noise and continue until they step off the field…show them what Steeltown is about!

To the players-Play your game and do your thing…play fast and physical! You know the crowd is behind you!!


See everyone Sunday!!

Impact of Tim Hortons Field

It’s well known Hamilton is a perfect 6-0 at its new stadium. The fact the Ticats get to host the Eastern Final at their own field means the players are comfortable in the surroundings. And the noise created by the Steeltown fans certainly makes it tougher on the visiting team.

“Actually, the last time we played Montreal, there was one play in particular late in the game where it was second down and all the fans were going crazy,? Murray explained. “I’m looking at [Alouettes quarterback] Jonathan Crompton and he’s trying to get his guys together. He’s looking at the sideline saying he can’t hear anything and can’t get the play call.?

“That’s hats off to the fans doing their part to make it a hostile environment at Tim Hortons Field. It does get pretty loud there?

Trash talking will always be part of the game and also in forums. I'm hoping the Cats can shut up the Alouettes and their fans on Sunday :smiley:

Does anyone know what we are allowed to bring in to the stadium to help us make noise?

According to the "Fan Experience Rules" on the Ticats website, a lot of items are prohibited. The "banned" list includes:

Musical instruments, airhorns, powered megaphones, noisemakers (electronic or other), and any other item deemed inappropriate.

What options does that leave us? Is stadium security actually strict about enforcing these rules?

I will note that Argo games at SkyDome feature an entire drum corps making noise when the opposing offence is calling its plays. (Good thing they're 50 yards from the field of play)

As long as it is not electronic your fine !

Or an airhorn, they usually frown on airhorns.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I won't be at the game for various reasons but will be glued to my TV in Central Ontario and listening for the raucous 13th man. Even if the Larks manage to take the lead (hope they don't but it could happen) the crowd will need to continue to be loud or even louder, if possible.

From my experiences in Regina, thundersticks are about the loudest thing out there. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cats management hasn't thought of that already and everyone entering the stadium will be given a pair on there way in.

Oh yea, and Go Cats Go all the way to the champaigne late Evening Nov. 30.

From one (and probably about another 30,000) Rider fans to Cats fans.

Thanks for your good wishes.

13th Man do your thing and the other 12 will do theirs. Total Team Triumph (how is that for alliteration?). :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah I like the idea of the thundersticks but I know it has nothing to do with the noise but I also like the white towels waving. Whatever they give out let's just bring the noise

I will have Super Loud Yellow Horns available at Scott Park :rockin:

Question ??? Was it not the Als in Montreal at Molson stadium used to SUB CROWD NOISE through the stadium speaker system ? And is this allowed by the rules of the CFL , also could the Ticats do it at THF if they want to? Elementary my dear Watson :cowboy: ????

I think Winnipeg was known for doing that.
So during warmup before one game Wally Zatylny "accidentally" ran right through the speakers behind the endzone.

The trash talking is part of their game plan. Call it artificial confidence or whatever.

But as Mike Tyson once said. "everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face"

Not sure if I've heard of Winnipeg piping in crowd noise - I think their fans can be pretty loud without it - but I KNOW I've heard of it being used at BC Place!

Hey tc23 those horns are they the big ones or the little ones that make quite the bang .Just another thought lets keep the noise up especially when Monteal is kicking the ball don't let whyte have any peace on kicking field goals .Lets hammer the noise Tigertown sect 215 sceaming my lungs out .