Just a quick word to all the whiny frickin' Bob Young era loser fans:

Get off your wound up arses and make some damn noise for your team!! Nevermind complaining about wanting to watch a game in peace and quiet...and the guy with the airhorn....and the guy spilling beer on you....waaaahh waaaah frickin' wahhhhhh!!! It's a football game not your kids ballet recital!!

If you don't like it, DON'T buy tickets ever again! There are tons of Mac students that will fill your seats. Because you know what? Before BOB invited all of you down to the stadium...we were LOUD, HAPPY, AND WINNING GREY CUPS!!!

No I haven't been drinking...but now I feel like starting. See you this weekend.


p.s.--noooooooobody blows like the arrrrrrrgoooooos

I am down with most of what you say but you seem a bit anti-Bob..

Now that's the ol' spirit!!!
(I too, agree with almost everything, but your rowdy-ness impresses! Loud 'n proud!)

yahhhh. i love being loud! this quiet thing kills me, i may as well be in a library. Just dont be so harsh on Bob Young.

Yeah it is funny, when the crowds were small they definately seemed louder.

I really miss those rowdy, old crowds. I will admit they probably aren't the type of crowds that the front office is trying to attract to Ivor Wynne. But I miss the times when the stadium was an intimidating place for a visiting team to play.

  • paul

I won't be there but I'll be cheering loudly from the comfort of my place :smiley:

I will either be at home watching or at my usual #2 spot for Ticat game-watching, the Peel Pub on Ste-Catherine. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I AGREE ALL THE WAY! Ive had season tickets for like 8 yrs now im 21 yrs old, and im a die hard ticat fan, and u know wut football games ur supposed 2 yell and scream and cheer and if they play bad yell louder and when they score a touchdown stand and cheer or on a big play! I cant stand when i cheer and the poerson behind me asks me to sit down, like how about this..if u dont like it..than take the finger ill show u and shove it up ur a**, and go 2 a bluejay game if u want peace and quite, its awesome havin big crowds, but theyre so quite its ridiculous especialyl on defence liek helloooooo make noise ppl! Oskee Wee Wee!

Yea we have to make our stadium the hardest place to play and be loud, i sit near one of the section signs at the very top and i always bang on it and make noise and then people stare at me like i am crazy

i mean its a football game people its gunna get loud and it should !

and wat was with those old ladies coming up on the jumbotron saying all the rules of the stadium last year ( bob young idea i am assuming )

Ssshhh, this is Canada, we must be seen but not heard at a sporting event or anywhere for that matter. We are known as the polite race. (other than the soccer fans in this country I suppose) :lol:

My advice...get the noise started early then. People want to make noise and have's contagious. Once people realize that the fans around them want to be noisey, they will too.

It only takes a few rowdies in each section to get the whole place hopping.

That's why I like the endzone, personally...lots of folks interested in givin' it to the other team down there.

It might help if all the "noise" wasn't done for us electronically! No sense doing it ourselves when the booth does it for us eh? Defence, (or is the electronic version Defense?) and Go Cats Go! I think we know when to make noise so let us.

As John Avery Said " The Fans of The Ticats are like Prisoners on Parole"

Lets Show How Much that is True..
Boooo them
Insult them
Show them this is one place in CFL
you don't want play a Game in.

yeah it always annoys me to go to the game, when you cheer people look at you like you've gone insane or something....Even Pinball has said that theres nothing like coming to Hamilton. Especially on labour day, 'cause a lot of fans let them know exactly how they feel. No matter what the score was the fans would always be cheering for the team and saying the famous chant. Everyone should get loud. Everyone gains excitement from the crowds including the team right? I know we haven't necessarily had anything to cheer for. But once we start cheering the team may make it hard for us to stop. I can guarantee there will be a lot of people im with will be cheering. (yes, even without other people :smiley: I hope we're not the only ones.

Yea but bluto sometimes the lack of something allows you to be creative and find other ways to satisfy your cravings. :wink:

BUMP. This topic needs to be at the very top of the message forum!!! Cheers to every single one of you who agrees…let’s take back our stadium!!

If we can be louder than the CF-18s, that will sure do it!!!

To clarify to all those who think I was bashing Bob Young: I wasn't. I called this the BOB YOUNG ERA because since he's taken over and brought the families to the stadium....the tiger cats have been playing like pussy cats....and so has the crowd!

It was louder with less people....if you don't like it loud...don't come. We were happier without ya!!

By the ironic is this article?

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yea we need to be louder fans
what fans are we if we're not loud?
this is how loud we should be:
if anyone watches hockey [the maple leafs] youll know what i mean
when we scored our 6th goal on the last game that told us if we were in the playoffs or not and we scored the winning goal everyone was so loud i couldnt hear myself think and the sam ewith the end of the game

do u agree with me?
cause i feel the fans should be that loud
i mean now wthat was loud
lets try to be louder than that got it?