Be honest. Give your rankings

Calvillo can throw, I will give that. But Allen also can run which makes him more dangeris. Add in the rushing yards of Allens, Calvillo will not be able to touch Allens total yardage.

Damon Allen in all his years in the CFL has never even been an Allstar at his position once.

achevments that are voted on by the media not earnd, which goes to show that he is thee mosy underrated QB ever.
Man did we get off topic or what, maybe we should have a Allen vs. Calvillo topic.

Well, I cant find A.C rushing stats so I cant really argue on that point except
D.A has 11,029 rushing yards in 20 years. Seeing that mathematically after 20 A.C. would be ahead in passing by 10,000 and it would be a safe bet to assume that A.C. would after 20 years have 1,100 as it is only 55 per season.

So your point of him not being able to touch D.A. total yardage is

Wrong again

As I was looking for A.C. rushing stats I found out that he has the 2nd and 3rd best passing eff seasons. in CFl history.
The list only goes to 7th place so I cant tell you what poor old D.A is :roll:

I give in, but I still like Allen better than Calvillo

By the way, just for the record, Cavillo is 32, he will be 33 in August (yeah real old) and Allen is 41 and will be 42 in July.


  1. BC
  2. Edmonton
  3. Winnipeg


  1. Toronto
  2. Montreal
  3. Hamilton
  4. Ottawa

Grey Cup
Winnipeg over Toronto

It was you who posted his age in the first place, I just corrected you on Allens age. And one more thing. I AM AN ESKIMO FAN, not an argo fan.
Allen is a two time former Eskimo with two Grey Cups with them, that is why I am an Allem fan aswell.

I dont dislike Allen, but from where I sit A.C. is highly underated and doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Well HelloThere is an Argo fan and that is who I was referring to at first as far as Montreal and Cavillo being too old, but you seemed to agree with him so that's fine by me. I hate Toronto and Edmonton equally anyway.

And I still have Montral finishing in third in the east under the forth place team in the west, out of the playoffs. Like Montreal found out last year in the playoffs, you need a back up QB. As far as I know they havn't got anybody to back up Calvillo.

"And I still have Montral finishing in third in the east under the forth place team in the west, out of the playoffs. Like Montreal found out last year in the playoffs, you need a back up QB. As far as I know they havn't got anybody to back up Calvillo".

Remind me not to ever put any money down based on your predictions. It seems to me Montreal finished 14-4 last season without a backup QB and basically 110-51-1 in the last 9 years without a backup QB since Cavillo was the backup QB. Montreal finishing behind the 4th place team in the west and out of the playoffs is ridiculous, but your choice.
That being said I would like to see a better backup QB, I hope Ell Roberson can be that person.



Esks will win the Grey Cup

wasn't last year in the playoffs Cavillo firs time getting Injurd? And one a QB gets hurt once, it gets easyer to get hurt the second time and soforth. I'm just pridicting that Calvillo gets injurd this season and will be out for a few weeks and Monreal has no backup to take over succesfully. If that does not happen than Montreal will be in the playoffs. This is just me having fun making pridictions, and as you I do not put any money down on my pridictions ether ( this is were I wish I new how to put those smiley faces on.)

The East is a no Brainer; But anything can happen!

1 Toronto
2 Montreal
3 Hamilton
4 Ottawa

The West will be tough, but I don't agree with most:

1 BC ( depth and tallent all ends)
2 Winnipeg ( has improved secondary, O-line and receivers.)
3 Edmonton ( If Ray can bounce back from clip- board duty, no RB)
4 Saskatchewan ( Has Tallent but just can't put it together)
5 Calgary ( Burris is over rated and Donald Trump would loss money in Calgary)

Grey Cup- Winnipeg defeats Toronto (I hope)

UMMMMMM…why not wait and see at the end of this season…the ARGOS , won last years GREY by beating MONTREAL and B.C. with the CFL’S best defence , and a great Q.B. :wink:

And our special teams were second to none.

We will have almost the same team back in 2005.


  1. Sask
  2. BC
  3. Edm
  4. Cal
  5. Winn


  1. TOR
  2. MON
  3. OTT
  4. HAM

I hope Toronto finishes last place this year and Damon Allen breaks his hip. He probably won't and Bashir Levingston will probably lead his team in everything again.

You guys are very ignorant to belive that Montreal won't be good this year, Calvillo is one of the best if not the best QB in the league still and he'll do it agian this year.

How do you guys possibly belive that Hamilton will have a good year with Danny Mcmanus approaching 60? He had a good start to last season and kind of fell off....with a lot of picks...he probably picked up the booze right where he left off.

Ottawa will make the playoffs because Kerry Joeseph is awesome!

Saskatchewan has had the same team for 3 years now and the best O-line in the league. Dominguez and KK will light it up while Santino Hall picks up where he left off from his great rookie season.

BC has 2 great QB's but I'm not sure about their defense (it's not bad or anything).

Edmonton just buys a lot of players in the off-season and same with Calgary. Good for you you have to Gel as a team. guys have converted receivers turned into db's.

Let the reply's come flying...


  1. Esks(of course)
  2. Lions
  3. Riders
  4. Stamps
  5. Bombers


  1. TO
  2. Als
  3. Cats
  4. Gades

Stamps will cross over to the East playoffs.


Who cares about the East?

Believe it, folks.

I would have said the Leos finished 1st if not for Ray.

I find that fans bitter and jealous towards the Eskies continually find dumb excuses as to why they'll finish in 3rd, or even more ridiculous-out of the playoffs altogether.

My faves are as follows:

*RR will suck because he had clipboard duty with the Jets,
*The Esks won't be as good as the 2003 team,
*The Esks won't win the Grey Cup,
*The Esks have no defense,
*The Esks buy their players! Waah! They're ruining the league and my life!,
*The players will not 'gel',
*Their coach sucks (as if they know enough to disreguard his qualifications.
**the Esks will miss the playoffs,

**before Ray was signed. I must say it is a pleasant surprise to see all the yahoos who want the Esks to miss the playoffs immediately change their tune after RR was signed. Now they maintain that the Esks are not as good as the 2003 team.

I admit that sometimes it's tough being the envy of the league, but when you're better than everyone else, you learn to live with it. Of course, it's no surprise that it is mostly scared Ponies' fans desperately trying to convince themselves that they are better than Edmonton. Or even on par.

OK I read this whole thread and as an als fan I have serious problems with a lot of the people on this thread since when is a teams future based on whether or not they have a backup QB? 33 is old? one injury=injury prone? The als outright dominated the league last year and now theyll miss the playoffs or lose the division with an improved team?

Ive said it before and Ill say it again the ONLY reason the als lost to toronto last year was because of injuries and if you expect an all star oline to give up many sacks youre sorely mistaken. Calvillo has been injured before and other than one season he bounced right back.