Be honest. Give your rankings

Let's here some pre season predictions

East? What order do they finish?

West? What order do they finish?

Who win's the cup?

I'm curious to see your thoughts!



Montreal , are getting too old.................OTTAWA, will have a much better record.

Toronto has the same team as last year , and if , D.ALLEN is out. DEFENCE!

We will see a amazing battle this year between, HAMILTON and TORONTO.



BUT : VERY CLOSE , where 1 point can take a team out of the play offs.


WINNERS .........B.C. or SASK

Honestly ...


  1. Who cares
  2. Who Cares
  3. Who Cares
  4. Who Cares


  1. Winnipeg
  2. Who Cares
  3. Who Cares
  4. Who Cares
  5. Calgary

Grey Cup: Winnipeg vs Who Cares
Winner: Winnipeg by a lot.



  1. Toronto or Hamilton ( both have old QB's, but unlike Montreal they have back ups.)
  2. Montreal (Calvillo is getting old and can see him gettig injury problems this year.
  3. Ottawa

1.Edmonton (not as old as people think and balanced offence and defence)
2.B.C. (Printers is in a tough contract tolks, Dickenson is injury prone and overrated)
3.Sask. or Calgary ( the forth place will crossover to the east in the play offs.)
5. Winnipeg (will make it close, but there secondary will let them down

GREY CUP- Edmonton vs. Hamilton

WINNER- Edmonton Eskimos!

I can't believe Toronto fans are saying that Cavillo and Montreal are getting too old. Cavillo is what 33 or so and Damon Allen is what 100?

ALLEN , is ALLOT better............. :lol:

Cavillo just through for over 6000 yards to join only 3 others who've done it (not Allen) and he's the only QB in history with 4 receivers over 1000 yards last year. Yeah, he's old and sucks alright!

You wish!!!!

which QB has run for more yards than Allen, Which QB has thrown for more yards than Allen. If Allen didn't have his legs, he probalby would have done all that for a few years.

Which QB is 33 and which QB is 43 ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??????

He is actualy 41, and with a weeker reciving core he won the Grey Cup last year. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????

Actually with mostly an end of season typical Toronto open vault door policy you won the Grey Cup.

Really , what was MONTREAL'S pay role? :wink:

Montreal has there team ready to go at the beginning of the year and gives there fans and the league value for there money all year long, Toronto typically plays ;ike crap most of the year and then adds 5 players near the end.

And Montreal does not? ..............Time will tell..............

Time has already told us!

......Als and Argo fans finally getting the gloves off.......'bout time some eastern rivalries started making noise........

  1. BC

  2. Saskatchewan

  3. Calgary

  4. Edmonton

  5. Winnipeg

  6. Hamilton

  7. Montreal

  8. Toronto

  9. Ottawa

I'm an Eskomo fan not an argo fan, I just like Allen more than Calvillo.

Pre-Season CFL Rankings


  1. Toronto (They are the champs, and are returning with the same team. )
  2. Montreal ( They have slightly been regressing since their Grey Cup in 2002, but they are still solid on both ends of the ball. Their offense will still be high octane, although they lost WR Jermaine Copeland)
  3. Hamilton (Great Running Game, need a new QB tho, should be in the hunt for Maas)
  4. Ottawa (Why is this franchise always a disaster? Poor team, sketchy ownership, shitty stadium etc. I hope they can turn it around a little bit, although I'm not a big fan of the city)


  1. Edmonton (Ricky Ray changed everything by signing with them. Not sure about the running game, but everything else is good)
  2. BC (Should make another serious run at the Grey Cup, should stick with Printers and send DIckenson elsewhere)
  3. Saskatchewan (Expect another productive season from the Riders, Nealon Greene is healthy again, and the Keith/Holmes combo makes for the best running attack in the league)
  4. Calgary (Should be rejuvenated this year with new ownership, and the additions of Burris and Copeland will help. I think Burris was overpaid a little much though, I dont think he is an elite QB)
  5. Winnipeg ( Stuck in a very tough division, although i think Wynn will be a surprise)

Overall this looks to be one of the closest and most exciting years in the CFL, and the seperation between the teams is minimal,

I love the way you back up you facts with "Oh ya and what about Montreal"
Montreal beat Toronto 3 times last years, unfortunatly AC got hurt in the final.

D.A. was a great QB but only holds his records because of the amount of time he has spent in the league.
If (and I know it is a big if) A.C. plays as many years he will far surpass D.A. passing records.

Finally how can you talk about Montreal's payroll when year after year we lose players because the team will not pay the outragous salaries that are demanded by it's better players? How often does Toronto lose players to free agency because Torornto will not pay???? :wink:

The last time A.C. missed a game was in 2001.
D.A. misses games every years(more and more every year)

Here are some figures for you
After 11 seasons A.C has thrown for 39,230 yards
After 11 seasons D.A threw for 30,786 yards

After 20 seasons D.A. has thrown for 61,802 yards.
If A.C plays 20 season he would have 71,327 yards

Yes I know we cannot count on him playing for 20 years or on him keeping up his numbers but if anyone says that A.C cant be compared to or is no match for D.A

Think again.