Be Grate full we have Jason Farr...

After Today
I hope none of you who went to the QB Challenge at IWS.
Every Complain about Jason Farr Again.

The Guy they used for The Damon Allen QB Challenge was He almost Made my Ear Bleed
He was so bad.
He Made Jason Look Competent as a P.A Announcer
This guy was Awful..
He was more Clown then P.A. Announcer

Be Glad We have Jason far and not this guy.
I hope none of you will every say bad word About Mr. Farr if you went to QB Challenge today.
I know I won't

We think Grass is Greener on the other Side.
It's not


There are other alternatives, Tom. Jamie Farr (Cpl. Klinger on M.A.S.H.) would be an improvement...

Well, maybe not. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Time for a "cool refreshing Beveridge?" :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Just because there is someone worse doesnt make jason any better. Thats sadly the attitude of this whole organization tom, just like you said....just be glad it isnt worse and put up with incompetance. Be glad we have jason and not this guy, be glad we even have a team even though we stink. , blah blah blah.

There are how many football P.A. announcers in North America? It doesn't make sense to me either, Beet. The law of averages would suggest there are capable alternatives to the current incumbent.

Oski Wee Wee,

Beet.. I respect your Views..
All Jason has to do is Turn down his Level of Excitement a bit.
Is He really that bad?
After today I say no.
I Rather 100 Jason Farr then 1 of that guy today.

We'll Never have Another Bill Sturrup or a Norm Marshall Guys. They Trying to Entertain the Fans Of Tomorrow.
I do miss those Men they where Great P.A Guys
But there Time in the sun is over

These younger Fans look for Something more Exciting in a P.A Announcer
Have you been to a Raptors Game Guys ????

There PA Guy dose the Same Thing..Farr Dose now.

All Jason has to Turn down his Level of Exctitement a bit.
Down to 'off' would suit me fine

Younger fans look for Jason Farr's inanities? LMAO

It's being imposed on them. :wink:

Along with the P.A. decibel overkill (especially canned fan noise: DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFENCE or MAKESOMENOIIIIIIIISE nonsense at nosebleed levels that even jars one watching at home), and the de-Peteing exercise of last year, when you have sub-par on-field performance, no wonder the sellout crowds at IWS are often de-energized.

Actual HUMAN crowd noise is not emphasized. Jason Farr's blather does nothing to help that recipe. Point final.

The Ted Baxter of CFL P.A. announcing on speed trying to make a first-down measurement reek of a monster truck ad...that doesn't cut it for any three-hour captive audience of sentient beings.

Oski Wee Wee,

I opened this thread thinking it was a joke.

Sadly, it wasn't.

I'm in full agreement with Beet as well. Someone being worse doesn't make Farr better.

He is still awful and the last (I believe) problem that the Cats brass has not addressed since the Bob Young era began.

I still maintain Farr is paying them to do the job.

I am not grateful for Farr.

I would like to see him replaced.

He actually reduces my level of enjoyment of the game.

I can't believe you guys spend so much time and effort on the public address announcer at Ivor Wynne. I've been to a lot of games at Ivor Wynne, I've sat in every section, every nook and cranny of that wonderfully old place, and never once did Jason Farr or any announcer reduce my enjoyment at the game. The only thing that ever has crippled my enthusiasm at the game is the non-competitive teams the Tiger-Cats have fielded over the last few years.

Another poster above was correct when they mentioned the Toronto Raptors. The idea of an enthusiastic and over-the-top announcer is a way to attract and engage younger fans at the games. I don't know if any of you have noticed, but the Tiger-Cats fan base was getting older and dwindling over the years before Bob Young took over the team. These aren't your fathers Tiger-Cats anymore.

The music you hear, the mascots, the logo, the contests, the community presence, the announcer, all of it is part of the team trying to attract new lifelong fans to the Tiger-Cats franchise. Which is exactly what Herbie and the Toronto Raptors have successfully done up here in Toronto.

And judging by the attendance figures the Tiger-Cats have put up the last few years, even with fielding the worst team in the league, I think the front office is doing a pretty good job if you ask me.

Cue the Nelson Muntz laugh sound effect.

  • paul

I think what Tom is really trying to say here is that it could always be worse.

Yes that Nugent fellow was God-Awful, but I do have to say that it was for charity and good for him for getting involved.

He reallly did annoy the heck out of me though. I was tempted to test my accuracy by throwing my water bottle at him :wink:

The loudest stadiums and arenas have had very subdued P.A guys.

Think Harvey Wittenberg(sp?) at Chicago Stadium had to whip up the crowd? Nope.

Mainly because the crowd (and booze consumed within) does a good job on it's own of whipping itself up. All the PA guys have to do is stay outta the way...quit drowning us out!

Well see, there is the difference. If you are referring to the old Chicago Stadium, in a historic venue like that, with franchises like the Bulls and Blackhawks in a giant Chicago market, they don't have to worry as much about attracting new fans because their franchise didn't almost fold like the Tiger-Cats did.

Those franchise can survive inept ownership because the city and franchises attract huge corporate sponsorships and now luxury suite revenue at the United Centre.

The CFL is a gate driven league, and bringing a family of four to a game at Ivor Wynne is a good way for the Ticats to make money, build family memories and hopefully life long fans, and the key to having a good time for parents is to keep the children entertained and engaged for three hours.

It may not be what we all want in a public address announcer, but you have to look at the big picture. If you are a knowledgeable football fan, I don't even see the reason to pay attention to Jason Farr, unless he is announcing the 50/50 draw. :wink:

  • paul

If that’s the case, then why did fas stay away in droves when NBA-charged United Centre was in full swing?

The scoreboard and concession stands provide more than enough stimulus for the most ADD 3 year old. Plus the TV time out promos, etc…Announce the damn game and leave the cheerleading to the cheerleaders.

I honestly don't know what your question is, could you clarify this sentence for me?

  • paul

I agree with you 100%.......
I could start a new thread (Farr Faux pas)
A "Farr pas" is when he tries to encite the crowd....when "we" have the ball and our offence can no longer hear the signals
Or how about yelling "Player Name" is on the field! let the opponent know when we may be putting in a special Offensive or Defensive Scheme

Well, Frugal, that's Farr For The Course (TM)! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Again, professional P.A. announcers have a clue when it comes to these things.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ooops, typo.
When the Hawks were in the Stadium, the place was jammed for a number of years. They had some dark years way back in the day where it looked as though their franchise would leave, but otherwise tickets were scarce.

The Stadium was ultra-limited in bells and whistles. Yet, it had one of the liveliest crowds in all of sports. It was dark, cramped and had few artificial means to entertain the crowd.

However, the team played a hard nosed brand of hockey that they knew would get the crowd roaring.

When the team moved to the United Centre -- a cavernous and posh environment -- the team sold out for the first year. Novelty, is what that was.

The United Centre had all the shiny objects, a fantastic video board, NBA-like revenue generating promotions to keep the fans interested. (And, Harvey ultimately, was replaced with someone with more energy.)

Yet, before long, crowds dipped to under 12,000 -- they'd gone from prized hot commodities at the Stadium to things you couldn't give away. And, this accelerated as the sterile, sanitized environment made its way to the ice -- boring, gentle hockey replaced rough and robust.

So, despite the artificial circus atmosphere, why were fans so un-entertained (and turned off) that they ignored the team for years?

Shouldn't all of those families have been flocking to all this fun and excitement?

I'm not saying that we shouldn't entertain the fans. I'm just saying that we shouldn't forget why they're there in the first place. Compliment the game, don't compete with it.

I see your point, but when those crowds dipped to the 12,000 level you mentioned, was there ever a risk of the Blackhawks or Bulls folding?

Of course not.

The tenants of the United Centre have already sold most of those empty seats, the luxury boxes and local media like television and radio. Unfortunately, the Tiger-Cats don't have that luxury. They have to do everything in their power to make sure they attract new fans while still maintaining the ones they already have just to achieve profitability. Hamilton is a blue collar town and in this ever changing economy, the same things that work in a large city like Chicago don't work in a small city like Hamilton.

But I definitely see your point. I am a traditionalist when it comes to football, but you have to see things from a business aspect sometimes because first and foremost, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a private business.

  • paul

There are things I like about Jason the announcer and things I don't like. You take the good with the bad and such is life.

I like his excitement for the game and his genuine passion for being a TC supporter.

I don't like the fact that when he introduces players half the time you can't tell who he's talking about because of the cliches and whatever he's doing that makes the name just un recognizable.

He has a tough job for sure, make a boring team that is often getting blown out sound exciting....not a job the last few year that I would want that's for sure.