Be a FAN and NOT a Hater.

This is NOT an attack on anyone its a statement.

What you Ockham, Crash, Zenstate, stkitsfan and whoever else I left out. The thing you dont understand is Walker is a good WR's and has good hands. This season alone he has dropped 3 catches at the least and still takes big hits. Takes the big HITS and keep going. How many catches has he made that called for a 1st down. Lets be real he is the faster on the team and has the heart to play this cfl game. Who understand FOOTBALL and is a FOOTBALL playing. I understand the hate for a Import playing but if you dish it make sure you do it will all players alike that are not out there busting there a$$ when on the field.

Once again its funny how CRASH you keep at this JoJo walker cut this and that. I have to thank you cause he must be on your mind alot. It seems that you wake up with him on your mind. Now I dont know if thats a true fan or just scary. I pray so much and many of times to keep walker and the TEAM safe. And will not let you or your group of friends break that.

And cant wait to come up there and My BROTHER and TEAM has a major break out game. ITs not going to be me laughing in your face or using foul words. Instead Im going to stand like a man and shake your hand and congrats all of you cause that break out game was for you. I will not stand that low and go off on you or Ockham, Crash, Zenstate. I'm going to show you 4 people how to show love to a team win or lose and for players alike. Weather import or NOT. If its stress that you are going through please get some help. Dont take it out on these players thats playing a game they love and trying to make a living doing it. All this hating on walker and players leave that for the younger fans. Take a grown up pill or something. Im sure you know how the game go.

And last point:

All players in the CFL or NFL are football players that have skills weather you like it or not.

Brock, Timmy, Printers, Walker, Armstead, Lumsden etc. So chill with the cut this player and that player. Cause the players do read this site.

yeah brotha, I AGREE with you 100 percent…at the end of the day these dudes are professional athletes, the only person that likes losing worse than them, is the 13th man…if JO JO walker makes 3 good plays he shows promise everyone is like yeah young hamilton…but if he makes a bonehead play everyone attacks him…first year in the CFL…with weird rules…the transistion is totally different, some players come from thousand(s) of miles to play here and represent our city,we should be more embracing, i understand as fans we suffer, but a lot of fans suffer worldwide…and after one game we jump on them…despite them getting payed…they worked to acheive that…my final thought…APPLAUSE TO THE TICATS PLAYERS FOR PLAYING THEIR HEARTS OUT…NO ONE LIKES LOSING…WE WILL BE THE TEAM TO BEAT IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!! BIG UP TICATS KEEP DOIN YOU!!!

I like that last part.

"Big Up Ticats keep doin You"

I have never been a fan of the cut this guy, cut that guy threads. I have respect for all of the guys who go out there week after week and give it their all during this horrible season. I know that it has been much harder on them than it has on me.

Jojo is due for break out game
Just have Faith in the Staff.


135 people have read this. I would have expected CRASH, OCKHAM,ZENSTATE, Stkitsfan to come say something.

Whats wrong guys or girls ( not sure if your girl or guy ). Dont want to get that wrong.

And borehamgirl I know you undersand the game babygirl your cool .


I would like to see Jo Jo get the ball thrown his way. I'd like to see if he can play in this league.

I was at several days of Training Camp and came away impressed by his ability to catch the ball.

But since...he has become the forgotten man on a team that is looking for an identity for it's receivers.

This Offence isn't designed to get our wide-outs the ball, especially deep. Shame.

Maybe Jo Jo would do better in a different system...hopefully with a new Co-ordinator here next year.

Um the TiCats are last in the standings and have a record of 2 and 12 :oops: -- at beginning of camp when i saw Jo Jo,s size, I posted that he should have Flutie like Talent if going to be worth having at camp(or something along those lines,. ) _because i didnt want to see another nightmare season, and because the bio suggested he was a Db, any way after 14 games i think Jo Jo has shown alot of heart, he and the other recievers have been hung out with bad passes ( to high, to far ahead, to far behind, to low, to weak,etc All season, like the rest of the roster If used to his potential Jo Jo could be another Archie Amerson, or Daren Flutie.

Well, my instinct was to ignore this thread, but seeing as though I'm being called out I guess I should respond.

CMW, where do you get this idea I have a hate on for Walker? The man doesn't get into enough plays for me to have an opinion on him one way or the other. Maybe you should research your strategy more before engaging in battles without purpose.

Where were you when the Maas bashers dominated this board?

What have I ever said bad about JoJo? I don’t get where you’re coming from at all here.

I have done nothing but support JoJo and compliment you on him when he has shown class and played well.

I am very very confused here and a bit insulted.

You can ask all the regulars here… I am NOT one of these “cut so and so now” people at all and I don’t bash our players. The only people I bash are the trolls on this site.

i have read posts for a long time and i doubt ockhams was hating on walker. One of the better posters imo. Its just been a long stretch cmw of losing. I dont enjoy the player bashing myself either, but it is a forum and when a team loses people like to point fingers and debate. debate..funny word .does it ever do anything..debating. Some fans are just like reporters, ignorant yet comfortably literate within themselves. Am i happy of our teams Do i see i great season next year ...mayby, a little better..can it be worst? If i was to say anything about players reading this sh-information-it, i would say just keep working hard and the results will come. If not here then on another team. Always play hard though as other teams will notice. i can think of one guy that really stands not going to say his name. Myself, I put pressure on gm and coaches. They make the decisions of who and what plays are run on the field. The players in my opinion always work hard at their positions and especially the guys this year.

Since im being called out i guess i'll bite.

You have no idea what its like to be a Ticat fan since you arent one. You're a fan of one player for obvious reasons and since you're related you're no worse than any of us cause you're brutally biased. Im sure Jojo is a nice guy but he hasnt made plays... hes been basically invisible all year and you cant dispute that. I liked what i saw in camp but since then hes been a bust.

And for the record im not a hater, i call it as it is and if he proves me wrong i'll be the first to admit it. But right now he hasnt earned his spot and i cant understand for the life of me why he's still around.

Call me a hater, but you never see me contribute to a "cut this guy, cut that guy" thread, but i have every right to make a comment on somebody that isnt producing. I wouldnt be a fan if i didnt... id be a cheerleader and we have enough of them around here.

This thread is a joke, pure attempt at trolling and its the last you'll see me contribute to it.

Import receivers are a luxury.

They must produce game in and game out or they will be sat-out......or worse.
A fact of life in the CFL.
Brutal, but true. Many WR come and go.
For whatever reason Jo Jo has played every game and only averaged 15 yards a game receiving.
As an Import, those numbers can easily be replaced.

I don't want to come across as mean, but it is best not to bring a lot of attention to Jo Jo because he has not exactly solidified his spot, or lit it up this year.
As a receiver he is 8th in yardage behind:
Dickerson, Ralph, French, Ralph, Curry, Baumann, Armstead, Lumsden.

I as a fan love his effort, but because of your post I checked the numbers and they are not good.
He may not be getting a lot of PT but the pros are about the numbers.

Good luck!!

Hmmm nice idea. He has played in this playbook for years. Maybe something will shake.

The idea came from the things you wrote, and this isnt a battle. ITs a statement meant for you and your group.

And a purpose worth talking about since the players cant talk about it

And as the MAAS thing goes I was around having his back, aswell as brock, armstead, chang, and anyone else you guys love to talk about cutting every week.

How many rookies do you know that will come in a league that isnt the one he is use to playing in and show up big, if i do recall it takes a year or so to get use to playing in a different one.

And a bust ( lol ) come on now. Lets be serious. I just have to laugh at that one.

And by the way CRASH, Your right im a Big Fan of WAlker's cause he is my brother, but dont let that fool you. Im a fan of any team he plays for. And for that reason I put the team ahead of him cause it is a team sport. I can care less about the losing in the past or what have you. I care about this season and next.

I am still waiting for you response to my post...

its coming babyboy

And to your reply, I read somethings you said about him and other players. Dont get confused now, its just a statement I was making. You dont have to like or nor reply to it. Just give rookies to shine.