BCS Title Game

A couple of good CFL types QB's playing in this one. Troy Smith for Ohio State and Chris Leake for Florida. Unfortunately for the CFL the NFL now think that these shorter QB's can play in their league now, everybody doesn't have to be 6'4 or 5 anymore.

Intelligent football fans new this many years ago when they saw Fluties potential. Unfortunately he went to a Patriots team who tried to change him to conform to their system.

I'm not sure if being a smaller QB is necessairily better... I would just say that its more ideal to suit a west coast offence. If your QB is going to stay in the pocket and is not tall enough well... good luck. Just look what hapenned with Tony Romo. Small player who was great when rolling out but when faced with throwing in the pocket, he just looked awefull.

Let the debate begin.

With Florida well on there way to a big upset, there is now a very compelling argument for naming the only undefeated team, Boise State US National Champions. There should be a lot of support for the Broncos and IMO Boise State should be named Champions.

I agree 100% and THAT is THE main argument among many americans as to why the BCS is such a sham! Ohio State was severely outplayed as many predicted they would be.

Can you be named the national champion even if you didn't play in the national championship game?

As for the undefeated argument, they'll counter with the fact that Boise State played most of its games against non-major conference teams; ie, they had an easier schedule.

And although it doesn't look like it made a difference, I don't think Florida's second TD should have counted. He was down ... Still, when your QB goes 4/14 for 35 yards, you can't complain about a bad call!!!

Put forth any argument you like, the fact is the Broncos went undefeated and beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta bowl. The long foreheads running NCAA have to realize that a Florida vs Boise State game would make billions. As long as people vote on who is Champion you will never have a true champion.

I was looking forward to a closer game, low scoring, high scoring whatever. But good on Florida, whether they should be "national champions", well, I have no idea, I don't follow it closely enough to say. I guess they are stuck with this system in college football in the States though with how all the bowl games are organized, not the best system but maybe nothing they can do about it.

No, no Boise State doesn't deserve a chance at the national champioship game, maybe if they adopted a playoff system. When you put together a cupcake schedule you shouldn't get rewarded. There only tough game was against Oklahoma, which in my mind is an average team. Next season they should schedule tough none league games to boost there strength of schedule.

In my opinion there are at least 10-15 teams in the US that could have finished undefeated if they played Boise State's schedule.

There may be 10-15 teams that would have been undefeated but only one was.

Without playing the Broncos, the Gators are a paper champion.

You buy into that cfleskfan? The reason why they are undefeated is because the play nobody tough. I know unless they meet there leaves some doubt. Florida year in and year out plays a tough schedule. The SEC is a fight all through the year. They almost lost to Wyoming and San Jose State, which football teams are a joke. You have to take that into consideration. Yeah, they won, but to almost lose to teams that stink.

Why cant they have conference playoffs during December? They have all those weeks off, and at least with playoffs you might have a legitimate Champion.

Good point sportsmen.

Peter, the fact that Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl gives their record legitamacy. If you look totally at who played who and where there is a comparison the one link is through Nebraska.

Florida lost to Auburn
Auburn barely beat Nebraska
Boise Beat Oklahoma
Oklahoma Clearly beat Nebraska

I don't say that Boise State can claim to be National Champions. I do say that Boise has earned the right to a shot at the title, every bit as much as Florida.

Book a stadium for a month from now, sell it out, make millions off TV rights. Remove any doubt.

Then what do they call this game "BCS Championship game, the final chapter" or something? :?

...I agree with you cfleskfan that Boise earned a right to a BCS title shot, but the way Florida played last night I doubt they could do much with that chance, but they definately deserve the right to try....I'd love to see the A1 Div. NCAA football program adopt a single-elimination playoff schedule similar to the NCAA Basketball March Madness event and play it through December/early January with the four quarter finals and two semi finals being played as the Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Peach, Cotton and Rose Bowls respectively and the final game as the BCS Championship...a game every week until one team remains unbeaten....talk about a football jones being satisfied there eh?....

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