BC's Inept Offense

Here we sit at 1-5, one third of the way through the season, and how many passing touchdowns do we have? THREE! Wow, now there's a powerful passing game. BC's top receiver? Good old Geroy with 26 catches for 402 yards and 2 touchdowns.

In case you're wondering we have thrown 7 interceptions.

Let's look at the running game......BC's #1 rusher (Robertson) has 55 carries for 388 yards (over 100 yards of which came in the first game). The second leading rusher is...wait for it...Lulay with 17 carries for 95 yards.

What an outstanding and creative offensive system! Come on Wally.....stop being stubborn and glib with the excuses. You can't keep blaming the players. How many years has Geroy been here? How many years has Paris Jackson been here?

Something's rotten in the State of Lionsville and it's pretty obvious what it is......it is the offensive system. Now, Jacques C may be smart young fellow, but maybe, just maybe the players don't respect him or he just is not a good teacher, or he's not creative enough. Whatever the reason, the buck stops with you and you have to do something about it. If you can't, or won't, then maybe it's time to hang up the old coach's whistle.

2/3 of the team is great, the problem is, the 1/3 that isn’t great is REALLY not great.


When JJ came into the game he looked Sharpe real Sharpe, he got thrown off when he had to go deep almost every play, because we were running out of time, get JJ a start with the proper preparation, and we will beat Sask.

I don't see the Lions Offense as "inept". The team was in 4 of their 5 losses until the last couple of minutes of play. They certainly could have beaten Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and this evening, Calgary. We've seen the Lions take the lead, only to lose it and eventually the game. We've seen moments where the team has been able to march the ball down the field with impunity. They only lost tonight's game by 5 points. TDs are great but 2 field goals = one TD. And in some games 7 field goals have been kicked. Without a decent Offense the team can't get its kicker in field goal range.

The Lions Offense has problems for sure. They come out every game playing their guts out. I'm not seeing slackers and whiners. Are they playing at their maximum physical potential? It sure looks like it. Can they afford stupid penalties like holding, off-sides, procedure calls, time count violations? Nope. Why not? Because the opposition is just a little better than the Lions are and the Lions can't afford to shoot themselves in the foot.

Tonight's game was billed as a "must win" game. Well...... from now on every game is a must win game and Wally knows it. Changes will need to be made if things keep going like this. Everyone knows that. At times it looks like the Lions are about to turn the corner only to come up short again on the score board. The Ti-cats went through this and so did Toronto. The Lions went through it not so many years ago. They will bounce back and get back to their winning ways.

They will bounce back and get back to their winning ways.

When next year?

i consider this year a right off. lions 3-15 record.

Maybe next game. Maybe in the second half of the season. Maybe next year. I don't have a crystal ball. I'm sure you were meaning "write" off.lol You may be right about the 3-15 record. Add a few key injuries and the Lions could be toast. But it works the other way too. A few key injuries to the opposition and it gives any other team a advantage- including the Lions. What I'm saying is, try to look at how they've lost their games and by what scores. They ARE NOT being blown off the field. They are not as bad as some try to claim. Except for the game against Saskatchewan a while back they've been in every one of their games. Two teams will not make the playoffs this season. The Lions could be one of them at this rate- then again maybe not.

We look fairly inconsistent and for the most part inept on offense.

Our O-Line has been a problem for a few years now and to see another season of poor blocking, blitz pick up, and pass protection is frustrating to say the least. Lulay has no time to set up in pocket, receivers have no time to run a proper route, and Robertson couldn't run to the store to get eggs without getting stuffed at the line.

This problem is made worse by the obvious play calling and lack of reaction by Chump-delaine our completely inept OC. IT is one thing to have weaknesses on offense (Oline) but a whole other to be completely unable to react or tweek a play call to buy time or space. Our plays are so simple and obvious we may as well let them in the huddle with us.

This guy has to go.....and if Wally could please stop insulting our intelligence by saying it is all on the players, that would be nice too....

Sorry Dupsdell , you always write them off!! Lets face facts you write them off when they appear dead every year. And every year the Lions always seem to prove you wrong.

right, one day the lions are gonna win 35-0, next day they are a write off. As soon as they win another game, you be giving them the grey cup. make up your mind just what kinda fan you going to be.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Bob Obillovich the one responsible for scouting-out and bringing in players that made BC a powerhouse in earlier years, while his replacement Roy Shivers has since brought in the product we see on the field today? Isn’t Wally working with what he’s been handed? I’ve heard many times Wally knows how to find great quarterbacks,and I believe we have a couple of them; but they themselves have no faith in the 4 or 5 standing in front of them, so they can not function to full capacity. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but realistically, we may have to write off this season, replace Shivers (and maybe Chapdelaine?), and face the music that we have to rebuild the ship. It’s sinking.

Good points made here even if the Lions made a run for it and squeezed into the playoffs anything can happen but unless Chapdelaine gets create it will be a short one. What worries me the most is the lack of imbalance from the offense...there is time for a draw,playaction or screen. Jarious Jackson came in and it was all throw for the last what 7-8 min of the game. No wonder the Oline is having problems when the Dline have their ears pinned back and recklessly crashing the pocket with no run threat. Let's face it even though the score was close Calgary played with us lining up one Dlineman at one time. Lions had no answer. Occasionally the Lions hand the ball off get 2 yards and then it's like watching flag football for the rest of the game. Be creative with Roberts I don't know what to say about the guy since I have not seen anything. People also use the excuse well because of the offside, drop ball etc... well the other teams are making the same mistakes too. I feel that our Receivers are also grossly overrated. A 37 year old guy who gets double teamed should not be your leading Receiver. In terms of Lions recruiting there are many talented young football players in Div. 2 universities. You can get American talent. We have lost Wake , Mallet and Logan and they will be hard to replace but not impossible. The biggest problem is the Canadian talent and my other thread would have addressed this issue.