BC's Garry Peters receives one-game suspension; three players fined

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League announced the following on Wednesday:

BC Lions defensive back Garry Peters has been suspended for one game due to verbal abuse and unacceptable behaviour towards doping control officers. The suspension is effective immediately.

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What is with this verbal abuse of the people doing the doping testing?
Is it the players, or are the officers being jerks?
If Peters does pass his test, what was the issue?

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Peters is a good player, he will be missed

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There is no excuse for abuse of people who are doing their jobs. I'm a long-time Lions fan and appreciate that Peters will be greatly missed against Saskatchewan, but abusive behaviour toward CFL officials is unacceptable. Period.


Was hoping Rose would get a hefty fine for attempting a field goal with Kalinic's jewels.

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We never get the really juicy details, do we?

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Some one said piss or get off the pot and then Boom out go the lights .

Yeah that fine was much deserved

Peters has appealed his suspension so he will play Friday vrs SSK

As Pat Traverse would say “Boom Boom, out go the lights”

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ridiculous that a player can verbally abuse an official doing his job, then launch an appeal just to get to play an important game. Happens to other players previously for more significant violations. The league needs to tighten up that loop hole and stay with the suspension. Fast track the appeal if necessary, so that the suspension goes ahead as dictated. Friday’s game was about 2nd place standings. So Peters had nothing to lose and everything to benefit by launching a known doomed appeal.

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