BCLions.com poll - Come on guys!

We can't let those homers out in Saskatchewan overrun our poll!

By the way, I want the whole dome doing this, just like me and my buds did in our section in the last Western Final!


That's me in the black hat BTW



You kids and your silly moves.

Wanna see a real man show you how to move it... Look for #44 Crazy P on the Sidelines. That man can shake and shimmy! He puts the "eeewwww" back in Grooooovy, Baby! Convulsive!

As for the poll: The question is:
Which BC Lions defensive player will have the most impact on Sunday?
Let them vote other, it's their choice, and they have so many to choose from: like Ty Williams, Javy Glatt, Aaron Hunt, Corey Banks, Mark Washington, just to name a few...

Let's Go LIONS!!! Let's Go LIONS!!!

Loved the poll. Riders or Lions. That just goes to show what our fans are made of. I love how they had to change it due to the fact that we outvoted you. It makes me giggle.

Go Riders Go!!!! Go Riders Go!!!! Go Riders Go!!!

Hmmmm - #s have been reversed. You may be able to do that on here but you won’t be able to do that on Sunday! LOL. Nice try guys/gals.

Way to reverse the numbers cause your fans couldn't care less about your terrible team. I see your tact off the field is no different than your tact on the field.

Well Said

Ill take your word for it jaydogg. Ive heard stories about Saskatchewan folk.

You seriously are Canuck fans, this is the kind of stuff I would find on CDC. "Go vote for the Canucks on this poll cuz we rule, our fans rule because we spend time on the internet snarf snarf"

Riders have to win something. If it has to be a poll, so be it.

Just how are we assuming riderfans are winning on this poll? The other option means an other BC PLAYER having the biggest impact on defense. There are four names given or one of the other 8 players , So over 50% think it will be one of the other 8 , big deal . How does that mean Riders are winning this poll?

They in fact had a poll prior to that one that said "Who will win the West Final" it was at 70% for Saskatchewan before they reversed the numbers and finally took it down.