BCLions blocked me on Twitter unsure of why

Basically as the title says, I think it was mixup as they were once following me on Twitter and probably went to unfollow and must've accidentally blocked me for whatever reason.

Would like to get it cleared up as I haven't done anything to deserve to be block for the team and league I fight so tirelessly for.

And the Lions said what when you called them and asked them about it?

I'm not sure what sort of result you expected by posting here?

I asked them but no reply.

I just found it really strange, I'm a longtime fan and I think its kind of bogus that they block me without any explanation. I use twitter to get news updates and I have no idea about offerings or promotions of any kind by the BC Lions that they usually tweet out over their account.

I was hoping I could draw attention from maybe the club and have them look into a mistake they made and unblock me here, I need my tweets man. lol


The lions front office, said your a bad man, a very very very bad man. Stop posting bad things about the team on Twitter!!!

lol. I'm always a promoter of the team, never once said anything bad about the BC Lions in any ways shape or form. Nor would I.

I know dude, just pulling your leg. I enjoy reading your comments, I hope you get it worked out

haha. Yeah me too, it just sucks cuz I get my news on twitter and I don’t get any BClions news now.

Oh well.

Go Lions.