BCE's Weakness Hurting The CFL

I am trying to review what Rogers has done to BCE in recent years while BCE has sat back with its thumbs up its ass...

Rogers took the NHL National games from TSN for 12 years.
Rogers locked up the CHL to keep Canadian content from its rival.
Rogers put out a hockey App that BCE took exception to and then claimed BCE was whining about it - which they were.
Rogers has done everything to kill the Argo move to BMO.
Rogers has kept BCE from siding with Larry T and making the Argos a property of MLSE.

I am praying George Cope and BCE "man up" and stop being such huge wimps before it is too late for the CFL in Toronto and most of Southern Ontario. If they don't soon, TSN will turn into the Global TV of the 21st Century - all U.S. content, all the time while adding nothing to help out country and its institutions.

Can anyone add to my list???

BCE is like the wimpy neighbour that does nothing while Rogers lets their dogs "dump" all over their/BCE's property.

BCE goes inside, complains to the wife, then meekly goes outside to clean it up. Wimps!!!

P.S. Hey Cope... Thanks for NOT increasing BCE dividend last week. :thdn: If you are going to wimp out and sell your soul to Rogers, at least reward the shareholders.

I love this analogy! :lol: