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The wireless guy: How BCE's George Cope cut the cord at Bell

I think there were a lot of people thinking Bell would be blown into oblivion by Rogers. Well, that didn't and hasn't happened.

Good article on Cope .

Good thing Cope believes in change and growth of revenue with investment in new technology with a new expanded customer base .

If he listened to some CFL fans he would think the future was landline phones because that's the only way Bell can exist .

LOL! You're funny. :slight_smile:

It's funny because it's true . :slight_smile:

LOL! :slight_smile:

I am a proud owner of a land-based phone and Rogers is my provider and they provide excellent service. :wink:

You funny too . You no read article . You no like 5G . You no Bell customer . :wink:

I will never give upmy land line. They will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.

if I call you from the after life, I will be using a land line.

Well at least you will know where your phone is ?

I actually still have one too but will give it up .

Most people call and text on my cell .

The calls I get for the landline are littered with telemarketers who now disguise the call with local numbers when calling from overseas . Same with the cell but the land line more so .

Bell landline will still have connection if power goes out so there's that going for it .

No matter how you receive your calls, the Big 3 (Telus, Rogers and BCE) win.

We choose to live in the Dark Ages and don't have a cell phone. :slight_smile:

I don't have one either.

Whaaaaaat ? But if you don't travel much the home phone is fine but if you drive or travel a cell phone is now your best friend and a necessity as it makes life so much easier .

I only had a pay as you go then about 7 years ago starting texting ; what a great invention . Then was given a I phone and wow night and day to everyday living .

Don't have social media either just the phone and emergency data for a very low fee including unlimited text and long distance . Have a monthly plan but low fees .

The security of the cell phone is now overwhelming that I feel insecure if I drive somewhere without one .

I guarantee if you ever get one they quickly become a necessity to your life .

It's weird because we lived without them so long but now they are like your wallet you can't leave home without it .

everyone in my family except my brother-in-law has a cell phone. My wife also has a work one and she carries both everywhere. Even my over 80 mother-in-law finally got one just a couple of years ago.

I have one in my car for emergencies. I never take it out except when my car is in for maintenance. I never text.

Truth be told, I miss the pre internet days.

If I could go back in time and prevent the internet....

But since it's here I'll stay on it telling everyone how I don't like it

heh heh.

Nuh uh :wink:

Rogers beat their earnings today. They also lost less customers (to others - see BCE or Telus) than expected.

Unlike Bell (BCE), Rogers stock is basically flat since they bought the Argos a year ago - not that buying the Argos would make any difference (smile).

BCE will release their earnings on Nov 1st. BCE stock has been taking a beating in the last 12 months - down almost 20%. The stock is up $2.50 dollars (per share) in the last 5 days so I assume the analyst believe BCE will announce a strong quarter in 2 weeks - and hopefully, altho I doubt it, a dividend increase. :wink: