How many more wins will Winnipeg get?

Looking at their schedule, they could easily go the rest of the season without another win.

Well you never know they could play another team with a 2nd string QB in there again! But know one knows now do we so really thats see when they are at full strength again.

Actually 05 Johnson is at or near the top in KR and PR yards...nobody is breaking them this year......and EE you might be right, it looks Glenn will be gone for quite some time, his knee is worse than thought.

There isn't a good backup on that team. It really wouldn't have mattered who they played.

One thing that really surprised me was how few times the ball was thrown to Simon tonight. He had what, 4 passes all night?

Thats suprises me Piggy it really does because has the guy caught a pass! SO he returns KO and Pr for 5 yards each time big deal. :lol: I am sure I heard some of the bomberfans state this guuy would burn up the league!

He isnt playing receiver, because of the ratio so you wont see him with many receiving numbers, unless they decide to start playing him more, which could happen.

OK but really he has not been impressive even on KO and PR.

Who has this year....but I agree, but according Berry its not his fault, they want him running straight up field, no dancing around or trying to take it wide, just straight up field for positive yards.