Yep.....he did try, but rules is rules.....and it says national figures only. No offense, rw05, but I scarcely think you're nationally known..... :wink:

hey guys i wont be posting here for a little while, for personal issues. so dont think im just avoiding the forums because BC handed it to us. we were clearly beaten in all aspects of the game tonight. its amazing the score was as low as it was. BC walked all over us.the better team won. Bombers need work. untill i can post again good bye fellow posters.

Congrats to BC for a very well played game. If our defence had played like the offence, oh man it would have been a slaughter. No excuses here... they stunk the place with all their turn-overs.

Hey James.....take care of yourself..... :wink:

Yes congrats Lions, you survived the Gong Show.

What a brutal game. I'm going to laugh if the Bombers lose hosting a playoff game because of this horror show. They want to sell that to Americans!

Hey James we will sure miss your posts!

You don't know that do you! I am well know in bomberland and riderville? I guess that does not count but I thought it was called rider nation so doesn't that make me known nationally Billy will vouche for me! Right good ole Billy!

Sort of like being a villiage idiot there 05... j/k... :lol:

national figures only
so does that mean that Paul Bernardo(sp?) qualifies??

I knew it would be a defensive struggle tonight, but to have it be so lopsided...well, that I did not expect.

Wow you are mean! Using that pinhead for an example! Use some one like Paul Martin! :lol: :lol:

I don't normally like to rub things in, but I hate to say I told you so.

Bombers are junk!! Let the loosing streak continue! No more teams to play lead by backup QB's for the easy win!

Well your 2nd stringer played way better then their 2nd stringer!

I am not surprised. I would expect the lions to win with the bombers at full strenght. As it was, I think they did ok. Sure they dont have lots of depth, but it is something that they have improved as much as they have since last yr. If I was a bomber fan, I would not be upset with them.

Well now they are finding out how injuries can effect a team. Depth is where it is at and BC proved they have depth.

Can this happen twice in one day! Yes it can! The bomber fans should not be upset for sure! 2 nice statments by me today!

Iā€™m surprised they left Quinn in. I thought they would have changed things up and put Banks in.

Albert Johnson has to be a disappointment for the Bomber fans. I was worried that he might step up with injury to Milt and shine.

Like Cutbert said, Brazzel is a 1 game wonder. Durden made him look good that game when he got all his yards.

Without Stegal, the Bombers are limited to Roberts.

If he isn't the biggest dud! He must of lost his wings and his legs because he is nothing for Bombers. I am just waiting for him to take off! Ha ha ha The flight is late what to do?