Go Bombers, kick some Lion butt, Simpson is pumped up for this one.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

It's on! :twisted:

Go Blue!

This is a good test for the bombers even though two of the main guys are out.

make that 4. sheridan and goodspeed are two of our best o lineman. or do we not consider the oline important here.

You're right 05. Any team that hopes of making it at the end need depth. Guess this will tell us how solid we are after loosing one quarter of our offence. Having a good defence should help somewhat. It will be interesting, that's for sure.

Oh I see Blackdale you want sympathy! ha ha ha Your fellow fans did not give that for the Tiger cats aor the Argos did they yup I thought so!

Exactly the bombers last year were much like the Stamps in 2004 needing holes filled, This year by some miracle Taman actually found football players to fill some holes and the Bombers look legit!

sympathy??? no thanks. i hope bc comes in and tries to take it to us. i hope we are up for it. i was merely stating that it is not two vital players we are down but four. stegall by far being the most important of the four. i for one am looking forward to seeing how we handle ourselves tonight. i think it will say a lot one way or the other.

I heard Clermont is back early. But I am sure the Lions have some guys banged up as well. This is a good test!

Go Lions Go! had to do that! :lol:

R&W2005, wern't you taking your cousin R&W to task for going to a game with roughyfan? And now I see you chanting Go Lions Go??? While I'm glad to see that you are "seeing the light", :wink: I'm not sure if I'm impressed, or shocked! Don't the Stamps need the Bombers to help them out by beating the Lions?

Just some curious questions.

.....Bombers are going to give the Lions a good run...they have been putting their game together the last little while....and are going to be tough....I know Berry has the guys pumped...this will be a good game...but i think we're gonna miss Milt..

Sweet mother of ...... was that a compliment from 05.....quick somebody put that in the Quote of the Year sticky....

....sometimes red is running scared....knowing that crow fest is not far off if the Bombers keep doing well....so he;s giving the Lions the big rah rah.....its not cuz he actually hates the Bombers....he's scared of the black-bird dinner.. :lol: :lol:

RCMP: Has outlawed gatorade, stickem and Bengay for tonight's game. Breast milk is allowed but must be tasted :

Sporty it is that crow thing pappa has hangin over my head! It would please me more to see him piggy and hank eat crow one more time! ha ha ha The Stamps they can look after themselves! For now I have not eaten crow and will not eat crow! But Pappa and th boys have tasted and I think they like it!
So for the rest of the season it is anybody but the Bombers! :lol:

Milt Who?

I have not been feeling well? :lol:

You are right after you told me what it tasted like the bombers are the last team in the league for me to cheer for. Remember those bombers have to win the cup for me to eat that crow!

Well Piggy I tried posting it in the quotes but it seems JM02 deleted it oh well! It seems benidict redandwhites rules! :lol: