BC @ Winterpeg

Sorry Bombers, we will have to end your playoff hopes.

Well we need at least one Western team to win this week...GO LIONS!

Lapolice is a nutty coach, but putting Brink in takes the cake.
I’m not convinced he’s any better than Mike Kelly. Kelly might have been an idiot, but the bombers only missed out on the playoffs on the last week of the season last year. 7-11.

Honestly, his lack of coaching cost them against Toronto (which might have been the worst football game ever, for many reasons) and now he puts in his third string QB in a must win. Jyles is a good QB, he hasn’t been the reason they lost.

Anyways, Go Lions! Make me 3-1 this week!

Ya that seems like a bone head move to put in a green QB, but what does BC know on this guy?

Well I'm hoping it's a BC feast today!

If Winnipeg loses, their season is pretty much done.

I’m shocked, nobody has complained about Rod Black yet!

It's Thanksgiving....

Cannot, for the life of me, fathom why Stephen Jyles, whose quarterback rating is the second highest in the league, is sitting in favor of a guy in his first CFL start, when the Bombers' playoff hopes are on the line.

BC starting out deep in own end....not good

And it's still early... Give Rod a chance first!

If the Lions pull this one out I go 4-0 on the week...

BC will be missing McCallum today

Wow, did Brock Ralph finally take his name out of the trade rumours with that catch and run? :lol:

No, did you see the catch he botched before?

I hope this game isn't as boring as the one last week. Looks like it will be that way.

I haven't been all that impressed so far by this game.

the Bombers have only managed 4 pts!

and the Lions zip. not exactly a great game.

A win is a win, no matter how pretty...

3 passing yards? LAME

I must've missed it. I've been in and out. :lol:

BC has two plays on offence.

A) Hand it off to Jamal Robertson
B) Travis Lulay can't do anything, so he runs with the ball for 5-6 yards.

Can you say deja vu...very similar to last week.

Oh my God, Lulay is QBing for the Lions? So we have Lulay on one side and Brink on the other. This game is gonna suck!!!

Thank God MNF is on in a few hours. :lol:

Okay by me. If they keep the total points to under 50, I rake in a few points in the Rona pool :slight_smile: