BC @ Winterpeg

Well, Hamilton lost which gives the Bombers a chance to pass them. BUT, they won't because they're playing the Lions and they've learned to win, you actually have to stop the run to win.
Its goina be a good day for Lions fans! 8)

I have a feeling we're going to be let down by a boring game, we've had 2 great games this week, and 1 terrible one, gotta balance it out.

It makes me sick but im rooting for the Bombers.

Sports makes strange bedfellows. :lol:

Yeah Bowman!!! Let go BLUE!!!

Well a huge play for the Bombers to start, the trade of Bowman to the Bombers seems to have benefitted them well. I think he may be gone to the NFL soon though.

Bishop's Bombers don't waste any time.

What a horrible start!

Sounds like someone is scared of their team playing a playoff game in BC

Nice to see Bishop throwing well.

Damn, Mallett is out after all. This ain't good.

If Pierce has any sense he won't be running either.

Bombers D should be able to take it to em.

Oh yeah what a great start INT!!! for Johnson let's punch another one in!!!

Looks like Lions are a no show

This isn't the same Bomber team we seen 5 weeks ago.
Is Mike Kelly a mad genius?

Damn what a waste of a Pick. Missed FG too.

Holy chit what a arm. off balance, couldn't step into it 50 yard toss

Pierce is not a scrambler anymore, when will BC realize this.....

Bombers have the momentum now but 4 points off 2 turnovers could come back to haunt them.

We know it, he doesn't.
Fingers crosses Lulay delivers on the promise he has showed so far.
Also, fingers crossed we stop giving the fn ball away!!!

Pegs D is solid. Lulay is going to pay…lol