BC Wins by 3 and CFL Refs Still Suck!!!

Well the Tiger-Cats made a close one to a team like BC that was supposed to have a High Powered Offense so much for that in a 3 point victory and watching Mike Benevitis pump his hand in celebration I would love to shove it up his arse the next game!!

The CFL Refs, Andre Preloiux and his crew sucked, once again demonstrating lop sided calls in BC 's favor, missed interference calls on Ti-Cat Receivers too many to mention? I think CFL refs are so bad they will turn many fans away from attending games all together if they continue to demonstrate their lack of professional ability, the just SUCK each and every CFL ref!!!

I wouldn’t call BC’s offense high powered.

Coming into this game, BC’s offense was 4th in points scored averaging 25.9, and Hamilton 5th averaging 25.4, with a mere 4 points fewer in total

Total offensive yards

Hamilton 4th averaging 374
B.C. Lions 6th averaging 334

Defensively B.C. was 1st in yards allowed and 3rd in yards allowed.

The lossers lament! Pathetic!

I agree. Five sacks to none will do that.

While I wouldn't blame the loss on the refs, I will say that I was "damn disappointed" with the inconsistency of the penalty calls, AND the blatant non-calls of the refs.

I do think that the non-call of the pass interference in the last quarter could have very well influenced the outcome of the game. THAT is what really pisses me off. Hopefully the league will deal with it and it will get better.

I agree, but I think the Horse Collar Tackle call that wasn't, caused this young defence to loose focus for a bit. They made a great play that should have lead to Hamilton getting the ball back,instead BC gets a first down and goes on to score the opening TD.

And the missed PI call on the interception,took time off the clock by the time the Cats got the ball back on the fumble.

It seems like every game and year we hope the CFL will deal with officiating but it doesn't seem to get better.

Very constructive.
Cheese with that................... :roll:

I think the only way to get away from the horse collar call is to do what Jamal Johnson did in his two sacks over the last couple of years on Pierce. Aim for the ribs. You're not likely to get called and maybe put their man out of the game.

If the referees are going to be picky, just find another target.

On the 4th quarter interception / non-PI play, Diedrick was never open, and never even looking for the ball. My sense is that Burris was throwing to him for the sole purpose of drawing a PI call. In other words, given the context and the score at the time, he bet the game on drawing a flag. I don't think it is a good idea to bet the game on something as uncertain as a discretionary penalty call. I think it would be a better plan to throw the ball to an open receiver, or if you can't find one, try to run for the first down.

The leaky Boatmen are experts at that. :cowboy:

:thdn: The two calls that really hurt us was the Horse Collar Tackle which you usually get called for grabbing a player from behind and pulling him back ! and when they were 3rd and inches and you could clearly see we stopped the drive as shown on TSN and the spotting of the ball was off :thdn: the zebras were really off this game :roll:

Initial contact on the play was before the ball was thrown, spinning Diedrick away from where he knew the ball was going to be thrown. Once he had regained his balance, he looked back, only to see the ball had already been thrown - on timing - to where he would have been had he not been interfered with.

Blatantly bad non-call. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the supervisor of officiating discusses this game with these guys.

The Diedrick non-call was total horse&^#$, as was the third and inches gift BC was given when their QB clearly was stopped before he reached the original line of scrimage. Why does this league not automatically review these obviously blown calls immediately? Those two calls are made properly, we win the game. Total joke!!!!

Hey all,

Yeah. Andre Proulx. Need we say more?

I'm a Lions' fan and was happy with how the game turned out, but looking at things objectively I do think you lot got jobbed on two plays: the phantom horse collar in the first, and the non-PI call on Banks in the 4th. The horse collar was perhaps the most understandable/forgivable of the blown calls last night. All week the talk in the CFL has been about Ray's injury, protecting the QB etc; you know the CFL sent out a memo to all the officiating crews this week about the league-wide importance of giving QBs the kid-glove treatment. It still isn't right, but you can kinda understand how and why it was interpreted as a penalty.

That said, you also benefited from a phantom PI call in the endzone on Bell, which allowed you to score, and there was a high tackle on Tim Brown in the 2nd half that was let go, but has been called consistently this season. So...these things work themselves out. Frustrating when you feel you're on the other side of it though.



I've seen it over and over.

CFL refs simply do not know what a horsecollar tackle is.

I saw it the way CatsFaninOttawa did. And, from what I saw, there was somebody very close by who had the best, straight on, view of the hand grab and pull back by Banks. It should have been as clear to him as his face is to us here:

[url=http://www.cflofficials.ca/official_bio.asp?member_id=26]http://www.cflofficials.ca/official_bio ... mber_id=26[/url]

Sadly Fellow Fans of the Tiger-Cats and The CFL the Head of Officiating Tom Higgins doesn’t care what his Ref’s do and how they call a game he has been questioned before and always stands behind his Ref’s call or No call, or Bad call, the Fact remains that this is the Worse league in professional sports for it’s inconsistencies in penalty calls and one of the reasons why and there are others to the fact that Attendance is down in the CFL, many fans are just getting fed up with the Bad calls.

The calls on Brandon Boudreax were unbelievable last night for a Horse Collar Tackle, he placed his right hand on the back of the name of the BC Lions players jersey and was called for a Horse Collar tackle, the second hit and sack on Lulay he even hit higher and pulled Lulay down by the shoulder pads NO call though and to make matters worse was Louie Richardson’s hit on Tim Brown the BC punt returner on Special Teams, now that was a horse collar by all intent and rules, he almost ripped his head off but NO Call??

What gets me so mad in this league is not that the Refs don’t call penalties in favor of our team the Tiger-Cats, it’s how unfairly balanced they make calls to give the edge to the other team or make one call and not another. Refs in the CFL make calls when it suits them and when they feel like it, it’s not up to their discretion it’s whatever the Rule book says and they have to enforce it!! The CFL needs to get their act together and change the refs or the way these idiots ref a game or bring a computer system I’m sure that would do a much better job, go automated and fire these bums!!!

I was at the game, and interestingly, they didn't show a replay of the interception on the big screen......I thought there was interference but wanted to see it again....but....no replay....strange, given that they replay almost every play, and that one was maybe the play of the game..

I came home and put on TSN....again...no replay of the interception.....

As far as the third down spot giving the Lions a first down....I believe that is something that can be challenged? If so....then where was Austin if the spot was obviously wrong?

Are you surprised that the replay of a play where the Lions benefitted from a missed penalty wasn't shown in the Lions' stadium? And TSN tends to only show scoring plays on the highlight reels.

In retrospect, Austin probably should have challenged the spot on that play. But the odds of having a ball spot overturned are almost nil, so he probably wouldn't have won it either. There was one angle that was very close to being definitive - the live play view, where you could actually see the ball - but even there, it wasn't quite a straight on view, and you couldn't really see the field marks very well.

What's worse is that the ball spot on the previous play was also bad, giving the Lions almost half a yard, making the third down play a lot closer than it should have been. Add to that the atrocious first down call a few plays later? Absolutely bizarre.

Bad calls, missed calls, they seem to be a constant in every game this year - not one team is happy with the reffing and I can't say as I blame them. Ball placement has me wondering if they have a clue - there was no doubt DeMarco did not cross the line on 3rd and short - in fact he got pushed back but the ball spot gave them the down. On their next series, BC was again short of the 1rst and again, the ball spot was really iffy, IMO - Ham got a bit lucky when McC couldn't connect from the 45 and got away with giving up a single.