BC @ Winnipeg

Kickoff in about 10 minutes. :thup:

8+ minute drive ends with a TD. Doesn't bode well for Winnipeg D.


As good as the execution was on that opening drive was for BC was how bad it was on their second drive.

Well I don't suppose that the pouring rain helped too much but they did succumb to the noise with two penalties (offside/procedure) to shoot themmselves in the foot a bit.

"Willy"peg seemsto be rolling here especially with a HUGE scamper by Willy. Looks like the rain has stopped or at least lessened greatly.

Neither defence is looking particularly good right now.

TD! Fantastic drive for Willy.

Lions D not looking very fearsome on that last drive

That HUGE run by Willy totally caught them off guard!

First it was bad defence. Now it's penalties.

The Bombers have been dropping easy balls all night. Serious case of the dropsies

Awful punt. Only about 15 yard difference in field position after the penalty.

Rich "money" Leone with another FG for the Lions.

And just as they comment that there have been no sacks - Wily is sacked!! Was that a case of "ask and you shall receive?

Too bad - the bomber had a nice drive going there.

Finally a good punt by Netanyahu

Wow. Second half starts off with ugly defence.

Winnipeg is hanging in there, honestly I didn't think this was going to be a close game.

Great return by Stoudemire and the Bombers have instant FP - Monster play by Adams for the TD and the lead. :thup:

Picked BC to win but really felt that the game could go either way if Bombers got their act together and…if Willy stayed in for the whole game.

BC on the move so we’ll see if they catch up.

Was a nice throw by Willy I thought but ya, sloppy ugly attempt to tackle Adams after the catch.