BC @ Winnipeg

I picked Winnipeg, but I can't really say why. :lol: I guess the losing streak has to end at some point, right? :lol:

Go BC…

Just cuz!!

Just to go against me, eh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I like you Chief…

VGCC depicts I must cheer for the Lions…

Plus… I HATE the Bummers!!

THAT is how it's done Winnipig!

You know, I was thinking: BC has one of the top defences but sit at 8-7. Why? Then they mentioned BC getting hit with 19 unnecessary roughness penalties. That'll lose you some games.

Congrats to Paul McCallum on taking over #2 spot on the all-time scoring list. Only another 9994 points to go to take over #1. Look out over your shoulder Lui! :lol:

Great play by Elimimian and the Lions go for (and complete) the big play on the next play

We got a close one! 14-13.

You know, I'll admit that Winnipeg's o-line isn't that great. But another problem is Willy doesn't seem to know when to throw it away. I guarantee you if he threw it away once in a while, Winnipeg wouldn't be giving up so many sacks.

Sounds like a Henry Burris/Zach Collaros issue!

Too bad his knee was down. That would've been a hell of a play! :rockin:

I'm rooting for Winnipeg for the simple reason that a Bomber victory will damage the prospects for a crossover, and improve the Cats prospects of a playoff spot.

Willy looking, looking, looking, still looking, looking some more, sack. Good grief.

Definitely not roughing the passer, and kind of a weak PI.

I hate the PI challenge, but I probably would've challenged that play.

Suitor, if the receivers are covered, fine. Throw it away! Avoid the sack! What are we up to, 8 sacks against Winnipeg?

That Bomber O-line is swiss cheese but Drew Willy needs to start throwing the ball away

Drew Willy using his "speed" there on that spin move to avoid the pressure. #awful

Well, it looks like the losing streak will continue. Eight and counting...