BC @ Winnipeg

You're welcome, BC fans. :smiley:

Now does he play smart and move down the field? Or does he go bomb bomb bomb?

Rule 7, section 2, article 3
"(c) Contacting the passer in an unnecessarily rough manner (see Rule 7, Section
2, Article 4),"

which says...

"a) Contacting the passer in an unnecessary manner, including stuffing him to the
ground, violently throwing him to the ground, and landing on him with most of the
defender’s weight,"

They've been calling this consistently for a very long time. If the passer is running out of bounds, you're allowed to guide him out. You're not allowed to do what the BC player did. It's not a new call.

Check and Mate!!

He tackled him in bounds, legal!

Mismanagement by Winnipeg on the final play...

A nail biter for an ugly BC win 8)

Ah brutal! G'night boys and girls.

Well I hope they can pull it together next week in Regina!

The 15 yard penalty says otherwise. As does the rule. As does every other time it's been called like that. At some point you need to stop being stuck on the idea that his being in bounds matters and realize that it's a QB running out that actually caused the penalty. If that's a RB, it's not called.

Exciting finish, but it was Winnipegs lack of finish that killed them, they outplayed the Lions on the night. You're not gonna win a lot of games kicking field goals.

Are you on Drugs?

HE JUST PUT THE RULE ON THE SITE !! that rule explains that you don't do it! Just shut up already!

You are losing this big time. You my friend are wrong! Any football expert, (you clearly aren't one) knows that it is a penalty

Elliot , looks like he may be have a future. Showed some poise late in the game. Winnipeg's secondary needs to step it up when the game is on the line.

Winnipeg played it tight - Lulay converts into field goal range.....20-17 Lions final

Both teams deserved to win, but with those annoying cow bells all night I don't feel sorry at all for the loser tonight.

The panel was even split on it, so , i guess your more of a expert than guys have played the game ?

There are some issues in Elliot's mechanics and decision making. Expect teams to pick up on that now that there is some film on him.

I guess the wpg fans are still chanting BC SUCKS all the way home :slight_smile:

Pretty tough fought game. Bombers lost out on the clock management at the end there, but their inability to convert all those interceptions in BC territory into TDs is really what did them in.

Still they played pretty well against the best in the league, no shame in this loss.

....until they see their 2-6 record.

Classy folks out there in the prairies, but I'm pulling for them in Regina next week. It's been a while since a Labour day game..hell I'm pulling for them (behind the Lions of course) to end their Grey Cup drought...kinda feel sorry for them there.