BC @ Winnipeg

Can't help but feel that all the calls are going BC's way tonight, and they've needed every one of them. Very close game, Bombers have all the momentum though.

Here's a non-ESPN3 (annoying silence during ads) online source for the game -- ESPN America via the UK:

[url=http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/136999/2/watch-bc-vs-winnipeg.html]http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/136999/ ... nipeg.html[/url]

No offense but I prefer Canadian Feeds

They just missed the horse collar tackle, thats brutal.

WOW weak call...

You must be new around here, because you don't seem to remember all the other times they've called this exact play as a penalty when the player being hit is a QB.

Anyway, Bombers D came to play tonight. Lets see what Elliot can do with this pick.

Was not, he grabbed him on the shoulder…

No, kid! I have been here a while, if your in bounds , your in bounds. Please show me the rule on this one ? Thats all im asking.

Uh, of course if you are in Canada you have that option to watch maybe via TSN online ...it's still the TSN feed too and also on ESPN3. :roll:

Wow Lulay lets just give them this game...

And the Bomber D does it again. What did they put in the water at halftime?

Going to be a good ending...time to get down it's getting late. 11-10 Bombers lead

Need 7 here.

Think Lulay forgot how to play QB. This one's done.

Winnipeg is just plain dangerous when they can keep a game close.

Can't stand going back 3 yards to try and gain 2 ! Even a QB draw there , would work?!

You may have been here a while but your common sense with football needs some improvement.

There is an unwritten rule in the CFL where if the QB has given up and is running out of bounds you DO NOT make contact with him! Whether the contact occurs inbounds or out of bounds!

That is why it's called "unnecessary roughness". As it was UNNECESSARY,

Easy when the other team is a no show!

No, Wnnipeg's defense is playing well. Give credit where its due! As I say that, Winnipeg gives up a big one

Don't worry about stuff like that. Just enjoy the game.