BC @ Winnipeg

Love that disipline Bomber game tonight...


Now we have to a Bomber biased Milt...

Panel was split 2-2 on the call, AND Milt was the one arguing with Dunnigan over Elliot being able to turn this around or not, with Milt saying the Lions D is too good.

Yep, some massive bias there! :roll:

Lulay was in bounds, refs blew that call. Doesn't excuse the rest of the undisciplined penalties by the Bombers. Bombers defence has been strong but BC is a good football team. BC looking like they will stroll to the Grey Cup!

was not impressed with milt. he needs to have some professionalism and not try to speak over the other guys. specially when doing a rod black impersonation by repeating the same thing over and over.

I don't understand why fans have a problem with this. He played his entire career with one team and I think if he wasn't biased he wouldn't be genuine. But he also criticizes Winnipeg too. I don't ever have a problem with studio analysts being biased.

Refs got the right call..no one wants to see a good QB get injured over a nothing play.

There is no strolling to the GC in this league. This is only a 10 pt game at 1/2 time with a first place vs last place team.

PLEASE!!! He was committed to going out of bounds… That means leave him alone!

The call was correct, and you know it! :x

You can't ref to the score or who's playing :roll: If that was the case , the league would have zero credibility. All though the objectional conduct penalty on watson was a joke. Cuthbert couldn;t bite his tongue.

Keep this drive alive, settle down on the penalties and they might be alright.

That's an awesome comment 5440. Also note if you have played any given type of football that when a team or players wears on a referee's nerves through a game, the referee is more prone to be stricter with calls.

He is only human after all and that does not excuse a horrible call, but the better players and coaches know how to work the referees for an edge at times too. That's also part of the game.

he was in bounds, rules are rules. Show me where it says in the rule book,that a flag may be thrown if a player LOOKS like he is going out of bounds?

TD. Yes! Lions TD Shut out over.

Alex Brink TD from the one :thup: - 10-8 Lions.......

Time for the BC "O" to wake up!

Nah. They're good.

10-8 against a last place team...they smell tonight.

It's called referee's discretion! They have the power to make a call if they deem it unnecessary!

If Elliot continues to progress and they clean up the penalties, the Bombers may push for a playoff spot, but will be tough. Bombers D is in fine form.