BC @ Winnipeg

Go BC! :thup:

Now I feel dirty. :?

Is Randorff gone again, or is TSN just mixing it up?

Go..... Riders?? :stuck_out_tongue:

as much as I want the leos to win, I must say that I find the idea of a two game spread between first and last after 8 weeks to be quite intriguing

Tomorrow that is... :cowboy:

He's on vacation.

Joey Elliot isn't getting helped by balls bouncing off his receivers.

just walked in from work, sat down to the game late, and bingo, Lulay picked off. Nice!

Apology accepted :smiley:

Nope - Mike Reilly picked off

Guess I better get up to speed here!

I'm on game tracker....Grandson watching tree-house for now anyway.

It's a night of weird bounces so far, but, yeah ... you're right.

Hmm. Elliot's moving the ball pretty well against BC. Doing it against Hamilton is nothing. A girl scout could tear that D apart. :lol:

Oops. :oops:

Picked off.

Byron Parker's a machine

Two-and-out for Winnipeg. Pass defended and one almost picked off. I really laid a hex on the poor kid. :lol:

no traction for anybody in this one

Are you kidding me? Did I miss literally nothing?

And some folks complained in the NBC thread about why the Eskies are going to be on NBC for six games in the US?

Other than the Eskies, who are also inconsistent on offence, I see no case better for another team.

There you go and let the chips fall where they may given the way most teams, except perhaps Montreal for a few games, have played in the first half of games.

Nobody's lighting it up this year, except here and there. We don't really care who goes on NBC do we?

BC's putting points on the board now. Not a ton of them, but with that defence you don't need to score 40.