I don't know how the referee can have a video review on a play like Andrew Harris's fumble with 35 seconds left and make the wrong decision, this happens so frequently, every game... so many bad calls!!! There is no way Andrew had control of the football when contacting the ground! It's such a turn-off for the refs to be dishonest (the east is usually favoured) and not call the game according to the rule book! I personally don't care about the delays of reviews... if the call is corrected!

And on questionable fumbles or interception, why don't the refs let the play run out to its' fruition? It's so easy to go back and correct the spot where the play was dead, but it's so disgusting and disturbing to take away the right of a great run back or touchdown! Whenever a fumble or interception is in question, the 'refs should review it anyway' as all turn-overs are to be confirmed by review. Just because they didn't see it, doesn't mean it didn't happen? :slight_smile:


Challenges should be unlimited! If wrong just penalized them 5 yds for delay of game!
4 Time-Outs per half, and carry-over 2 (15 sec) of them to 2nd half if unused! 2 @15 sec, 1@30 sec & 1@60 sec!

When All Plays are dead, CLOCK STOPS until players are onside... at least 5-10 seconds. I've noticed the clock not even stop on incomplete passes and when ball carrier runs out-of-bounds! Play clock should be like the 70's... money & advertising has taken 40 to 80 plays out of the game! So Boring! You're 'CFL' loosing fans Big Time!!!

The integrity of the game is in serious jeopardy!