:bclions: BC vs :bombers: WPG 2.0 - game thread topic

Aw, congratulations buddy! Here’s to a beautiful day and an even more beautiful marriage!


Homemade? I’m impressed! I’m a good cook but I leave sushi to the professionals.

sushi is easy to make, just takes a bit of practice. i’ll take pics next time i make it.

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Congrats! Best wishes to all!

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A bit smokey today, hopefully that goes away later.
But man, is it gross muggy already. Going to be a hot one for sure, 1st half anyways.

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Congrats on your daughter’s wedding, WeGotTheCup. It’s a lot of work but life trumps the game. Hopefully you can take a “break” for a few hours though and enjoy the game.

As for this game, I am sure the Bombers have not forgotten the June game, just like the Lions have not forgotten those two big games we lost to the Bombers last year. It felt like in June, the Lions knew how big these games are and how it effects the playoffs (what if the West Final was in BC last year which didn’t happen because of these games where the Bombers handed it to BC? Let’s not have history repeat). I think both teams will come out hungry with this mentality and I am hoping for a good, close game. Of course, I have to go with my Lions. Let’s Go Lions!!! :slight_smile:


Bussy day today (not like a @Maaax beaver @Dibs just a regular wild Canadian beaver) tents went up 60 x 40 main tent & 30 x 20 food service tent (Danny’s whole hog) tent people arrive while I was cutting grass for the Bombers :upside_down_face: , I’m still waiting on porta potty people (PPP) ironically that’s specifically what many guests will do in them pee pee pee. Taking a rest before going back out…of course if I get 3 beer in me I’ll be on light duty for the rest of the day, tomorrow will be CRAZY, 30 pre wedding party guests for a (pre wedding drunkening) or a pot luck as they would call it.

Thanks to all for your kind messages. We are very excited, this is our second time having a daughters wedding here on our property, LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.


Oh Baby - Lets Go!

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That’s a LOT of work hosting the wedding. I hope that all goes well and you have a have a beautiful day.

This was a hard one to pick - could make a case for either team winning but I did choose the Bombers. I think it’s going to be a close one and could come down to which team has the ball last.
For BC, a lot will depend on how Evans handles the BB defense and if he can keep from turning the ball over. Yes he was the QB when the Ticats beat the BBs last year but that was NOT in Winnipeg but at THF.


Brady O will have to get more than 73 yards if WPG is to win.
I’d bet on the over



Milt is going BC???

it’s the smart bet.

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My wife worked her butt off hosting my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner last night. So I thought I would take her out for supper at one of her fav places tonight. Clean forgot about the game. So glad for PVR. Every once in a while, modern tech can come in handy :slight_smile:


Kate looks like a pumpkin…

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Another wedding! Love must be in the air. Congratulations!


She could wear matching leprechaun shoes with that outfit and could make it work also and give that John “Shoe” Lu some real competition for hair and footwear at TSN.

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you meant that with love…right? :slight_smile:

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Enjoy. A daughter getting married is special


HELLO CANADA! And those of you watching, in the United States. And around the world!

Brace yourselves for a playoff atmosphere midseason.

That rum sure better be flowing better and they sure better be making the drinks strong at the Rum Hut!

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Now I have my chicken sandwich and my cheese tortilla dinner at work, but you all make sure now to grab your rounds before the game starts.

Please enjoy all, and have a safe night as well including also those of you at home.