BC vs Toronto

Battle of the Best in the Regular Season Last Year vs the Defending Grey Cup Champions.
BC vs Toronto I got as a close battle with BC taking it down but not covering the Spread

[url=http://canada.skyleraction.com/cfl-week-2-toronto-argonauts-bc-lions-preview/]http://canada.skyleraction.com/cfl-week ... s-preview/[/url]

BC and the Under who do you got?

Let's go BC...time to forget that awful performance from last week.

Toronto's secondary is brutal. Throw deep on them, cause they can't stop it.

Lets go BC, knock out "Legit Trade" Ray

Rod Black, "heels over head". :roll:

No worse than Suitor defending Mitchell. Really, Suitor? Really? :roll:

Sounds "wrong," but when you think about it, that's probably the more accurate phrase. He did indeed go "heels over head."

Hate it when I have to agree with Rod Black.

Did Rod Black REALLY just call Khalif Mitchell an "interesting cat?"

A "cat?"

Whoa. Isn't that like calling him "Jim?"

Arcenaux: players who return from the NFL are never the same.


What is this love affair with the Argos? They need the love so badly we count their wins streaks across 2 seasons? This team won't even make the playoffs, yet TSN's announcers are tripping over themselves every game to pump this group as the greatest team ever.

I don't get it. :roll:

Both these commentators annoy me. They keep harping about Toronto's losing record in B.C.

What about Ricky Ray's record against B.C.? At least that's a stat that has some relevance. Toronto was a pathetic team before Tillman traded Ray to Toronto for Pez.

B.C. just recovered the onside kick, so chalk this one up for the Lions. Lots of 1-1 teams it looks like this weekend.

...and the drought continues for TO @ BC Place...11 years WOW!

Edmonton got Pez? Did they get the dispenser too? :wink:

I agree they're a flawed team, but there's something seriously wrong if Toronto can't manage to get into the playoffs in the pathetic East Division. Ricky Ray is easily the best QB in the league, and with three other mediocre teams in the division Toronto should get into the playoffs by default.

argos were the definition of average last year.. 9-9

its not like they steamrolled their opponents..

got hot at the right time.

mediocre? not sure about that actually... think some teams are just over hyped like always and some arent given enough credit, like always.

we shall see at the end of the year but wouldnt surprise me with how poor hamilton and torontos defences are that they are the ones looking up in the standings. ray may be the best qb in the league, that can be argued to death tho but... offence is just one phase of the game.

the "best" qb in the league looked pretty ordinary tonight against a bc team that was killed by calgary last week.

ray is a great qb, every team would take him but if you look at his career, he's been on some pretty average to below average teams. perhaps in part due to the salary he commands.

I had them at 7 wins at best this season, but that was before I saw the circus that the Als are becoming. I think the East is wide open right now and the 3 playoff teams are the 3 that can put together a complete game the quickest. Right now Winnipeg has been the best of the 4 (although Hamilton still has to play this week) and they have by no means been even good.

do not count out Montreal they will poor it on, i still have them win the east at 12-6, torornto 11-7, i think winnipeg is going to be a surprise at 9-9 and hamilton at 8-10,

In the west is more tough i think calgary is going to be very tough 13-5, bc 11-7, Sask 10-8, Edm 8-10 hamilton and edmonton not making the playoffs.

I'm not writing off the Als, I'm just not as convinced as I was 2 weeks ago. I gave Popp the benefit of the doubt based on his track record, but this new coach is starting to raise some questions. Tressman didn't look like a champ right off the bat, but he never made you doubt Popp's choice either.