BC vs. Sask!

Corky Jo looks worse for wear during reluctant half-time interview with Farhan. He really doesn't want to be there and he's making it obvious.

Rotating 3 fawn QBs in first 3 or 4 series was ridiculous.

Wholesale changes for 2017. They rostered 100 men this year - I suspect only 6, perhaps 7 to 9 (at most) will be on their opening game roster next season!

If I were Durant I'd be circumspect about re-upping in Regina. Might be better off coming in as potential hero boy in Toronto or Montreal. :cowboy:

Riders should be fined by Finemaster Jeff for their cowardly anemic performance today!

Was there a game today? I must have missed it. Hope they played indoors.

:lol: ... maybe in some people's minds? (scratching head)

Are you hammered? I'm being serious.

.....What....you didn't get the game....It was coming in fine on my tin foil hat :roll:

Maybe he recorded the game and finally got around to watching it!

Hell, I've got games from 2007 I haven't watched yet...