BC vs Riders

Here's the preview for the West Semi!


Surely you're not inferring that just because 79% of respondents of a poll state the 'Riders will lose...means that they Will lose? With that kind of logic...Why even bother playing the game? :roll:

that was clean up time. Edmonton was not really on the field at that point. not saying they shouldn't have made a switch, but #s are fairly meaningless in garbage time.

BC's plane was turned around. They went to land and had to bail. They are still in Calgary, and are lining up buses. If they leave now that means a 2am arrival BEST case scenario...more likely after 3. WOW

I heard they just landed.

[url=http://www.thestarphoenix.com/sports/CJFL+Canadian+Bowl+game+time+changes/3792481/story.html]http://www.thestarphoenix.com/sports/CJ ... story.html[/url]

passing should be alive and well tomorrow.

So, we've become the underdog on our home turf; that's probably bad news for BC. I think our guys will be playing with considerable emotion and intensity today. Underdogs, strong desire to make up for last year's Grey Cup mistakes, the weather, and the fans at Mosiac Stadium at Taylor Field will tip the balance in our favour; this will be a good one! I like our chances. Go Riders!!

With the weather being crappy, I don't expect this game to be an offensive explosion by either team.

Weather is fine. Should be some exciting football today.

And exciting it was. It probably needn't have come to double overtime but it did and we came out with a big, big win!! This team just doesn't quit on its fans - BC stayed in it because they had some of that "Rider heart" themselves. I wish the fans who rag on them would also not quit on the team.

I hate people who confuse passion with quitting.

You said you would ignore me.

Yeah, I criticize the Riders as good as anyone...it is passion, but I am also there cheering as loud as I can the next game. Nothing wrong with being critical of your team, but it honest to god truly did hurt me to see empty seats.

All the permanent seats where filled, just the crappy temporary ones were not filled. I consider it a sell out with people not willing to pay a lot of money for subpar seats. If it was a domed stadium it would have been sold out.

sorry man, a sellout is a sellout. Don't care what you consider a sellout to be, that was not a sellout. We had 9 of them this year...crappy seats n all, but not for a home playoff game. I have sat in the last row, they ain't that bad. We had 12 more people show up for the 1st exhibition game of the season than for a home playoff game.

I believe 93 or 97% capacity is considered a sellout (for blackout purposes)...because it can be almost impossible to sell individual tickets, cuz most people want to sit with someone they know. That was not the case last night though...rows of empty seats through the hole game. And no, not all the permanent seats were sold...it was close, but just like a close game on the loosing end is still a loss, this was not a sellout. And yes, maybe if it was indoors it would have helped, but the weather was not that different from 50 weeks ago when we hosted the West final, and it was a sellout. Heavy hockey commitments and starting the season a month later than they should is also a factor.

I will borrow this post that someone made over on the TSN blog that I happen to be reading at the same time I read this.
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RidersLeafs13, that stadium was not full. They may have given the remnant tickets away, but trust me, it was not full. There was about 400 seats empty at the top of section 201/202, about 150 at the top of section A temporary seating, and probably 50-100 empty at the top of 207. I saw those seats the whole game. They were never full. Report this comment!"

I thought playoff games were never blacked out (newspaper? mentioned this). And most of the tickets up for sale were singles and most people are not willing to sit by themselves. Also, people I know who have sat in those stands (I have not) said they would not buy them again.

No, they do not black out playoff games.
The stands are not for everyone. I don't mind em, and they were good enough for the last 18 regular season and West Final games, but not this game.
I do not buy that they were individual, stand alone seats...these were in mass clumps of vacant seats. The one section had about 25 seats wide and a dozen down of empty.

Section 201 was about 3 quarters full. I agree that it was sad to see empty seats.

Well sad to see that it did not sell out. Not sure why.

Yet, this game broke viewership records...I'd say that has to count for something!