BC vs Riders

There's a huge swell of confidence in the Lions camp. It's spilling over on the sports talk radio out here and in the newspapers. If you visit the BC Lions forum you'll see posts showing their confidence. Our forum barely mentions this match up. Rider posts are more inclined to look to the future of the team than the next game. It's an interesting paradox of mind sets going into the biggest game of the year so far. Remember, the Lions have played about 9 must win games in the last half of the year and the Riders have played maybe 2 in that time. Also, the Lions turned their season around by beating Montreal IN Montreal to go 2 and 7. We blew a sigh of relief beating a last place team on Saturday and we're still celebrating.

Anyway, about the game - will Simpson be ready? We already can't defend the run and if he's out, we will need Durant to manage long, time consuming drives for TD's just to keep the Lions offence off the field. We can't defend the kick return, the run and can't kick field goals. Defence will have to chip in if we're going to pull this one out. We will need luck.

I expect our boys will be ready to play. BC can be as confident as they want. We still have home field advantage, and a Mosaic stadium that will have confidence in this team again with the way they handled a desperate Edmonton football team. I am confident in saying the Riders will come out on top this game.

They'll be ready to play allright. I'm sure they still remember 2008 when the Lions came in here underdogs and gave us a good spanking. I agree g&w the BC cinderella story ends on Sunday.

Would be very interested to know Simpson's status . . .

He says that he's playing no matter what. It remains to be seen whether the coaches and medical staff agree.

People seem to be forgetting we have a lot of weapons on this team. DD, Fantuz, Dressler, Getzlaf, Wes Cates (yes I said Wes Cates), James Patrick, Lance Frazier, etc. These guys want to win!

As "brutal" as peopel say the running game was this year, Cates still had over a thousand yards, a 5.2 yard rushing average, and 15 rushing touchdowns (which I believe was enough for the league leader). Furthermore, when your quarterback throws for 5500 yards you probably wont see as many carries throughout the course of the season. Cates always steps up his game come playoff time too as he has a very competative nature about him. So yes you are right, Cates will want to win.

when it comes down to 1 loss and your done, the Riders will make a game out of it.

they'll come out hard and they'll give the Lions all that they can handle!

I can see us being on top at the end.

Punt the ball away from Yonus Davis and the RIders should win. BC doesn't have a great offense, I'd rank them closer to the bottom. They win on turnovers and special teams.

Protect the ball. Zero turnovers will go a long way to getting us that win. Stay disciplined and avoid those costly penalties.
Start well and stay focused for 60 minutes, or til the final whistle if it goes longer. Pressure Lulay and contain his scrambling.

The LIONS will simply DESTROY the riders! The game will be over by Half-Time!!

Clip and save, clip and save. . . .

ya, ok. so how about if they don't, you come here and eat your words?

A lot of people mention the 2008 west semi final but nobody has mentioned that the Riders' biggest achilles' heel in that game was one Michael Bishop and the coaches' poor judgement in leaving him in for too long. He was the biggest reason they lost that game and without him around mucking things up, it's a totally different scenario this time.

Not by a coaching standard. The Edm game in Edm a couple weeks ago they left DD in until there was 3 mins left, put DImwitty in and he scores two td's in 3 minutes! Same poor coaching by not trying that earlier, maybe we would have won that game.

Whatever happened to Donovan Alexander? Never heard much of him after his Hamstring injury? I would rather have him at the Cornerback Position and put Kornagay back at his linebacking position so him, Simpson and Lucas can help stop the running game of the Lions and making them 1 dementional (Only passing) team and so Morgan and Patrick and Frazier to shut that down but again no idea what the status is on Alexander.

Excellent point! Where did he go? His injury (leg?) must be serious or we'd have heard something by now.

Hey, back to the topic. Just completed Sportsnet Connected Pacific and 79% of respondents said Riders will lose on Sunday. Remember, it's BC watching but also remember the thousands of Rider fans watching, too. Heck, the sports jersey shops in just about every mall out here sell more Rider stuff than Lions stuff and that's not exaggerating. They freely admit it and you can see it when you walk in their front doors. But 79%?? We better be on our game.

He is no longer Injured, I just don't think Etch likes him that much. He is Dressed, and played in a game recently, I think the BC one, when we had a bunch of injuries to our LB's and secondary.

I agree though, I like Alexander, and expected to see more of him lately. They seem to be going with Mitchell more though.

Sorry nevermind he is dressed and healthy but he's playing behind Mitchell here is the Depth Chart from our last game....


BUT if something were to happen to Morgan OR Mitchell, I would rather see Alexander fill into those slots than to see our whole Linebacking/Secondary core be scrambled up by putting Kornagay in Corner and screwing everthing up. Oh and we need Keen to start making field goals from 20 yards or more or were screwed :roll: