BC vs. Riders would be great, but BC vs. Calgary is...

… also compelling.
From the incomperable Ed Tait…
9 A Saskatchewan-B.C. West Final would be compelling, but don’t underestimate the nastiness that would lead up to a Stampeder-Lions matchup, either. These two clubs flat out despise each other and an incident that occurred in the regular-season finale would only fuel that hatred.

Lions tackle Jason Jimenez was ejected for a cut block on Stamps’ D-lineman Anthony Gargiulo near the end of the first half – and well away from the play - - that broke the defender’s leg and ended his season.

“(Gargiulo) was hit from behind after the play was over,” said Stamps head coach Tom Higgins. “Terrible, terrible, terrible.”

I seem to recall a lot of arguing in this site a few weeks ago, with BC fans sluffing off their alledged rough play and saying the Riders are dirty.
Seems to me BC’s had its fair share of incidents, especially against all three teams in the west.

Praying my Riders win, but although I really don’t care for the Stampeders, I’ll be cheering them on if they happen to get past the Green and White. As much as I loathe Burris and the Stamps, and loathe BC even more.

Good post chewy yes either way the games should be fun. BC seems to be painting a target on themselves. What I do not understand is in all the years he was in Calgary he would not condone this type of play from his players. But I guess he has changed to the worse. Good luck to all teams in the playoffs.

Wally doesnt welcome this play. He just isnt going to tell his players not to stop playing prior to the whistle. besides this has already been betten to death.

Ok what has changed from his stint in Calgary?

I think Wally left because of the ownership and management - what was the owner's name? Fettucini, or something like that - kind of greasy?