BC vs. Hamilton

Should be a cat fight!


It'd be nice if this game isn't as one-side as the previous, but I think it will be. Oh well. Give it your all, Cats.

Woulda been nice to see the int and quick score as opposed to the dying seconds of a blowout!

Lions are rolling along nicely.

Had a FREE ticket to the game, but didn't get back from obligations with the kids in time. :frowning:

So they put it on TV for me. :slight_smile:

This may come back to bite me in the ass, but that pass to Simon was too easy....

Go Lions!!!

Well, Geroy's looking good (again). :rockin:

Add Banks name to that "looking good" list. :thup:

Poor kitties :cry: I know they really don't have much of a chance, but it sure would be a great moral booster if they could somehow find a way to win this one.

Not going to be a good game to watch.

At this point it isn't looking likely...

This Porter kid looks not too bad to be honest. Nice arm seems to be handling the huddle well, maybe they finnaly found a QB in Ham.

As much as Kenton Keith is a parasite, he is one hell of a RB, weird not seeing him in Geen and White.

Wonder where Lumsden will be next year? Wont be Ham.

The game started with a bit of excitement, but man it's really slow and sloppy now...

Very unClermontlike. Hope these aren't the after effects still lingering.

Just got back from Shoppers and saw the replay of the Wilson non TD... How was that not a touchdown???

what a gong show of a game here in the last few min

Rod Black keeps going on about no whistle, I swear I heard a whistle as soon as Anderson was clocked, way too premature and then Wilson caught the ball. Regardless brutal by the ref's

The world is right now that the alien looking guy scored

No one really knows lol.

Even the Lions were stymied by that one.

My phone rang and next thing I knew Lions were lining up again????

Oh well, Geroy made it right.

Man both games tonight are pretty much snoozers.

That's a bit of an understatement...

Nice catch there. Good to see them get a TD.