bc vs Hamilton tonight

i am predicitng tonights game, bc 34 hamilton 20, attedance 31,000, i think bc will play a very strong game tonight, bc will get a big lead at the beginning of the game and hamilton will make a bit of a come back.

I agree entirely

Quntion Porter makes his first CFL start tonight.....so i think he will either play completely horrible and B.C will will win by like 30 points....or he will play like he did last week keep this one close...the cats will need a big game from Keith and/or tre smith because Caulley and Lumsden are both out.

Lions: 32
Ti-Cats: 27

Well Dups, for all the hard times I give you about attendance, your prediction was pretty much bang on.

Your score however..... :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: