BC vs Hamilton predictions - July 31/09

Well guys [and gals] what do you think? Was the Ti-Cats win against B.C. at the Lions' home opener a fluke or will they be able to repeat it?

Smart is out so now we've got to be concerned once again about our punt and kick returns. The way the Lions played against Calgary, a local Junior team could have beaten them. :lol:

Given the news coverage of late it appears that there has been much lamenting and soul-searching all the way to the top after Calgary handed the Lions their heads on a platter. Even the owner, David Braley offered his apologies to the fans. Let's hope the water balloon fight at one of their recent practices didn't cool them down too much. I wonder who won the fight, the offence or the defence?

The Lions even have a team psychologist. That makes good sense. It takes a professional psychologist to explain to the coach that he should not be telling his punter to punt from 10 yards deep in the end zone. It takes psychology to tell punt returners not to try running it out of their own end zone but to just give up the single point. It takes a PHD to explain to players that the idea is to hold onto the ball and not fumble it because when they do they give it back to the other team. It takes a therapist to tell players that you must put your heart and soul into every play because if you don't you will likely lose the game and you let down your team mates.

Though Hamilton recently lost against the best team in the CFL, Montreal, they did not lose by much and accept for a few mistakes the game might have gone the other way. Not to mention that Hamilton has so far won more games than B.C.

If B.C. goes into Hamilton thinking it will be a walk in the park they will be in for a huge surprise. Hamilton knows B.C. will be playing nervous. They know that when Pierce is not producing that B.C. can no longer just fall back on Jackson.

Hamilton's QB, Porter is good and he is smart. Hamilton has some good weapons. If they are on their game, B.C. had better watch out! I think the game tomorrow could go either way. More importantly it will give B.C. a chance to exonerate itself. Let's hope they get out of the gate quickly and take it to Hamilton and show Hamilton that the Lions are not push overs.

I hate to say it, I have to put my money on Hamilton. We have the skill but its becoming obvious that there isn't much drive with this team. I haven't given up but I'm no longer predicting a Grey Cup win.
I REALLY hope I'm wrong!

Lions by 6

Ill take BC only because Montreal lost and might cause a shift in the games.

Bc by 10

I feel a sense of urgency here... B.C. must win in order to stay with the pack. It is up to the players now... no more excuses!

Close game so far! 1 point game so far, lets hope we can expand on that lead. :smiley:

yep as predicted, boring offence...again a BC team lead by Wally Jurassic Buono, gets stopped at the goal line and guess what?, the momentum goes the otherway....game over.
BC is predictable, at the goal line, on first down, anyone with 2 ounces of football knowledge can guess what they will be doing on any given situation.
Time to put Wally out there with his buddy Don....and let them graze with the other old war horses, get someone who is in touch with what's going on.

Maybe all those dominant Lions teams weren't because of Wally......can you say Bob O'Billivich?...I know you can.

typical boring offence... boring boring boring.... dont bring someone in who can scramble and move side to side.....

someone on the team needs to stand up and take the players by the collar and give them a big talking too.... someone to fire up the team which has to come from the players..... and quit with the lousy dont want to hurt the players feelings.... well i think there feelings must suck now and could not get lower.... so suck it up, bring the heat and play to your caliber play....