BC vs Edm at the half

So far pretty even to this point. Esks still need a kicker. Any high school kickers wanna join the CFL?

Only one mistake by BC so far.

Looks like attendance is over 45,000. Wish the CBC wouldn't isolate the mic so much so we could hear some of the crowd noise. I'm ready for the commentators to come back.

Your so bent out of shape about Sask, you think there playing BC.

How come your not at the game?

I went to the last 5 home games and have tickets for the next game. I usually do attend the games but just couldn't make it out today. I get my tickets from Airmiles and they came late so I could'nt get decent seats.

I just get really bothered by some Rider fans calling themselves Canada's team. No one wants to hear that.

I changed it for you to the correct teams

We have american commentors doing the game, they aren't so bad.


Good game by Edmonton, I congratulate you on how you played. Lions didn’t play so well, and it seems like It’s finally caught up to us. We played mediocre all game, and fought all the way back to tie it up at 20 when our usually strong special teams gives up a TD off of a kickoff. This is just unlike us. Oh well, Eskimos made the big plays today. Congrats Eskimos.

Lions lost???, I guess I gave then the kiss of death! :oops:


yup... lack of offence and some bad penalties at bad times by our D hurt us... then that kickoff TD we gave up just deflated the Lions completly... Dave looked a bit off his game... seemed more uncomfortable and jumpy than usual...

we had to lose sooner or later... and at least Edm. earned it... their defence played solid.. and offence while not outstanding did a good job of getting the job done when they needed to... also their special teams coverage was great... Lockett only had one good return all day and it was called back on a penalty.

So congrats to Edm. on giving the Lions their first loss of the year... you deserved it.

Agreed Chronicguy. While I'm not happy we lost, I can safely say that the Eskimos deserved the win today. The last few weeks the Lions have gotten lucky with some wins (Montreal, Saskatchewan) and it has finally caught up to us. This will make the Lions a stronger team, and as long as we win the West we'll be good to go for the long haul.

Lots of penalties from the Leos and Edmonton uncharacteristically didn't have many penalties. Eskies were hungry for a win.

yes it will make them a stronger team... they needed to lose at least one game so they know what it feels like and what they want to avoid... also makes sure that they know that they are beatable...

and yes... seems like the Lions and Esks. decided to swap penalties for the game... Lions took way more than usual.. and the Esks. took way less than usual... gonna be some good revenue for the Lions from all the penalty fines from their players for this game.. :lol:

Eskimos were hungry and the better team today. Not only is this a big win, but it is a big win in the long haul. This will give them huge confidence, and get some people off their back. "Eskimos can't run the ball.." "Ricky Ray has looked stellar as a quarterback".. This is A HUGE WIN for the Eskimos.

Good job guys and good job Mike Maurer!! You never fumbled, never let anyone through, plus you had 3 very nice special teams tackles! Huge improvement, and this is not sarcasm.